how to make lava lamp in little alchemy 2

Are you online games lover? Especially the games that provide mindful activities. If you are then, I am sure you must know about little alchemy 2. Let me add one more thing if your favorite gadget is a lava lamp then must wandering how to make lava lamp in little alchemy 2. 

I think all of my readers know about the game little alchemy 2. For those readers who do not know about this game. Then no need to feel disappointed here is a brief description of this game. A little alchemy 2 is a crafting game. 

A million players play this game for recreational purposes and to provide a healthy activity to their minds. This game provides the perfect combination of fresh, latest-style art with very soothing and charming music. 

By playing this game you have to create a new world from the scratch by mixing different items. If you are a deep thinker then you might also be thinking to fix a blob in a lava lamp in alchemy 2. Let’s come to our main concern which is how to make lava lamp in little alchemy 2. 

So below are the easiest steps that will definitely clear your confusion about how to make lava lamp in the little alchemy 2 online games. 

How to Make Lava Lamp in Little Alchemy 2- Step Wise Guide 

Before learning how to make lava lamp in little alchemy 2. Let me tell you about the basics of little alchemy 2. As I have already mentioned that this game is a mindful game. The player has to use his or her common sense for creating things from scratch by mixing different materials. 

how to make lava lamp in little alchemy 2

For instance, if you want to make glass in lens little alchemy 2, then you have to use your common sense to understand which thing should I mix to create your desired material. From the above discussion, you are clear about how to make alchemy 2 world by mixing different items. 

So let’s come to the steps of how to make a lava lamp in little alchemy 2 and how to make lamp in Little Alchemy 2.

To provide you with authentic information about creating lava lamps in alchemy 2 I have played this game for more than a month consecutively. In my experience, I came to the point that there are 15 ways to make lava lamps and other things in little alchemy 2.

If you going to create the lava lamp from the scratch for the very first time then you have to follow the steps from step one. For the person who is not new to this game then he definitely created some of the items that are in steps already. 

For such people you have you can also pick the thing that is already created in your little alchemy 2 libraries. So let’s get started with the step-wise guide on how to make a lava lamp in little alchemy 2. 

Combine Fire and Earth 

The first thing for creating the lava lamp is you can combine fire and earth together for the creation of lava from the lava lamp. You can create the lava from the scratch by mixing fire and earth.

Fire and Fire Mixing 

For creating the lava lamp energy you just simply have to mix fire and fire. The combination of fire and fire will form the energy. This energy is used to light the lava lamp. 

how to make lava lamp in little alchemy 2

Lamp and Fire Mixing 

For the formation of a lava lamp, you simply have to combine the lamp and fire found in the library to form a lava lamp.

Earth and Earth 

When you combine the earth two times then ultimately it will form a land. You can further use this land for the creation of more things. 

Combination of Lava and Air 

For the formation of stone, you have to combine lava and air. By combining the lava and air you can easily create the stone from the scratch. 

Mix Land and Earth 

If you want to create a continent in little alchemy 2 you simply have to combine two things. These things are land and the earth. 

Formation of Metal 

For the creation of metal in this extraordinary crafting game, you have to mix stone and fire. When you combine both of these things then you have successfully created the metal in the game. 

Creation of Sand 

If you want the formation of sand, then you have to combine stone and air. Both of these things are available in the library of little alchemy 2.

Creation of Planet 

If you want to create a whole planet then you have to mix the continent that you already created by mixing land and earth. I have already for the regular player of this game, he can pick things from the library for the creation of more things in the game. 

Formation of Ordinary Light Bulb 

For the formation of ordinary Light bulbs, you have to mix glass and electricity. Below I am going to mention how can you create both glass and electricity from the scratch by combining different things.  

Mix Sand and Fire 

By mixing sand and fire you can easily create the glass. This glass is further used for the creation of more thighs light bulbs. 

Creation of Sun 

The formation of the sun in little alchemy 2 is very easy. You just have to mix planet and fire. When you combine both of these ingredients then ultimately it causes the formation of the sun. 

Mix Sun and Energy 

When the player mixes the sun and energy in the same place then it will be the reason for the formation of the solar cells. Solar cell is very usual for the designing of electricity. 

Formation of Electricity 

When you want to create electricity then you simply mix the sun and solar cells. It will form the electricity n the little alchemy 2 craft game. 

Formation of Ordinary Lamp 

Mix the metal that you have created already and the light bulb to make a new lamp. 

Final words 

That is all the hack related to how to make lava lamps in little alchemy and also different stuff. Use these hacks and enjoy the creation of new things in little alchemy 2

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