Areeba Writer

Hi and Greeting,

 Myself Areeba, writer of lava lamps blogs. I am very passionate about lava lamps and all types of lighting devices since childhood. I never study without placing a lamp on the table till now. Maybe you are now getting an idea about my passion for lighting gadgets. 

I used to collect toys that came with additional lights, like dolls, a doll house with many lights, and much more. I was the girl with a lot of lighting gadgets and toys. And no doubt all of them were unnecessary. Anyhow, I love them so don’t judge. All of us used to collect something in our childhood. 

When the lava lamp came across my eyes, my first reaction was woahh!! This was the device that my room missed. After that, I start to make purchases of them after every 4 to 5 days. In very less time my shelves were full of these lamps.

 Let’s come to the topic, why I created this blog? During my purchase of lava lamps, I faced a lot of problems and get confused to see numerous varieties. 

That was the point when I thought, if I am facing such trouble in making decisions, then people also be facing the same. Why not help them through my experience and knowledge of lighting gadgets, especially lava lamps? 

Why Did You Read This Blog? 

You might be thinking why you should read this blog. So let me explain why. If you want perfect lighting in your space or you want a peaceful and soothing vibe in your room, then you must know which color lamp will do this task for you. 

You also want to know which lava lamps are the best. Or how can you take care of them so that these lamps last for a longer duration? 

Secondly, from the safety perspective, you want to know how to use these lava lamps safely and where to place them so they will not compromise the safety of the people around them. 

You will get all the information related to the lava lamps here. All of your questions and confusions will be clear if you read the blog clearly. 

If you think I have missed something or you want to get some additional information you can leave a message. You can also contact me on Facebook and Pinterest.