What Bulb Wattage is used in lava lamp

Do your lava lamp wax not melt properly and stick to the side of the globe? In this case, it is time for the replacement lava lamp bulb. The problem is you do not know what bulb wattage is used in lava lamp and how to change a lava lamp bulb

If I am thinking right, then do not stress yourself anymore! I am here to tell you about lava lamp bulb size according to the height of your lava lamp. Generally, four variants of lava lamps are available with respect to height. Similarly, four different size bulb for lava lamp are used in them. 

After deep research, I came to point that 15 watts, 25 watts, 40 watts, and 100 watts lava lamp light bulb size are used in lamps with respect to their height.

 In case you are not sure which wattage bulb works fine with which height of the bulb, then hold on you will find all the necessary information regarding this topic in the guide. All you have to do is to read the guide carefully so that you can get answers to all your queries. 

First of all, start the blog by finding the right size bulb for your lamp. 

Finding a Right Size Bulb For Your Lamp-What Bulb Wattage Is Used In Lava Lamp 

A lava lamp is a gadget that will bring positivity and color to any space where it is added. While enjoying its soothing visuals we should also keep this thing in mind that a lava lamp is like an ordinary lamp that went out of order after a specific time. 

what bulb wattage is used in lava lamp

Similarly, the bulb for lava lamp also has a specific time for its working. After that time you have to do a replacement bulb for lava lamp. To make the choice easy for your below is the Harley Davidson bulb replacement chart. 

From the below discussion, you will definitely sort out which bulb you are going to choose for your lava lamp according to its size. 

15 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb 

A 15-wattage lava lamp bulb is the smallest size bulb that is perfect to work with 11.5 inches tall lava lamp. You might be thinking is this size bulb can heat up the lava easily. Let me be clear here that the lava inside the globe is less in quantity. 

Ultimately the 15-wattage bulb works fine in these lamp lights and heats up the lava in less than two hours. 

25 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb 

The 25 watt s11 bulb is perfect to work with 14.5 inches taller lava lamp bulb. 25 wattage size of bulb does not work fine with 11 inches-tall bulbs. The reason is the quantity of lava inside the globe and the heat provided by this bulb will be more. Ultimately it will break the wax and make it cloudy. 

40 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb 

A 40-watt lava lamp bulb is the most comprehensive night light bulb size that provides flawless working with the lava lamp of height 16.5 inches to 17 inches of a lava lamp. Sometimes 16.5 inches lava lamp can also come with 30 watts light bulb. 

These 30-watt small light bulbs for lamps take more than one and a half hours in heating up the lava. 

100 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb 

A 100-watt lava lamp bulb is the highest watt light bulb that is used in a full-size lava lamp of 27 inches. Never try to use these special light bulbs of 100 lava lamps whose height is less than 27 inches. 

If you do so then you will end up affecting the working of your lava lamp. I hope this bulb chart will help you select a perfect size bulb for your lamp. 

How To Change The Bulb Of a Lava Lamp? 

After learning what bulb wattage is used in lava lamps, now it is time to have a look what is the safe way to change the blown-up lava lamp bulb with a new bulb. I will provide the guide in the easiest way. So you can easily follow it.

what bulb wattage is used in lava lamp

The point to remember here is that you have to follow the step with the same pattern as mentioned below. If you do not follow it then you might face difficulty in the replacement of the bulb. 

  • First of all, unplug the lava lamp first. 
  • When the lava lamp comes to room temperature, remove the globe carefully. 
  • Place the globe over a safe place. 
  • Do not shake the liquid inside the globe.
  • Unscrew the bulb in the anti-clockwise direction
  • Dispose of the bulb safely.
  • Tighten the new lamp bulb in a clockwise direction. 
  • Tight the bulb until it is firmly attached to the base. 

Hazards During The Replacement Of Lava Lamp Bulb 

There are a few hazards related to the lava lamp bulb replacement that we must know before replacing the bulbs. 

Bulb May Break 

If a person is not using a lava lamp and unscrewing the bulb safely then it may slip from his hand and break instantly. 

Overtightening Of The Bulb 

Sometimes the bulbs may overtight and not fix the base of the base. Ultimately always tighten the bulb only to the point where it attaches to the base safely. 

Lava May Splash Out 

Sometimes when removing the globe, lava may splash out from it. So try to avoid shaking while removing the globe. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: How to dispose of the lava lamp and lava lamp bulb?

Answer: The easiest and safest way of disposing of the lava lamp is to pack it gain in the box and throw it in the dustbin. The same is the case with the bulb. 

Question No 2: Will 15 wattage lava lamp work in 17 inches bulb? 

Answer: No, 15 wattage bulb only works fine in 11 inches tall lava lamp.

Question No 3: What is the standard wattage for a bulb used in a lava lamp?

Answer: The standard wattage for a bulb used in a lava lamp is typically between 15 and 40 watts. The exact wattage required will depend on the specific model and size of the lava lamp.

Question No 4: Can I use a bulb with a higher wattage in my lava lamp?

Answer: It is not recommended to use a bulb with a higher wattage than what is specified for your lava lamp. Using a higher-wattage bulb can cause the lamp to overheat, which can be a fire hazard or cause damage to the lamp’s heating element.

Question No 5: Can I use a bulb with a lower wattage in my lava lamp?

Answer: Using a bulb with a lower wattage than what is specified for your lava lamp may not provide enough heat to properly melt the wax and create the lava lamp effect. This can cause the wax to melt unevenly or not flow at all. It is best to use the wattage specified by the manufacturer to ensure proper operation and safety of the lamp.

Final Words 

This is all the discussion about what bulb wattage is used in lava lamp. If you are still confused at some point, you can freely ask in the comment box. 

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