how to make a homemade lava lamp that glows

A lava lamp is a fun and decorative piece in any home. If you have created mind and love art, then you might want to know how to make a homemade lava lamp that glows. And where heat is transferred by conduction in a lava lamp? 

On the other hand, if you do not want to invest in lava lamps, sometimes some lava lamps are also too pricey then this factor may also want to know how to make a homemade lava lamp that glows. 

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Anyhow what the case is, in this blog, I am going to cover which ingredients you will use to make a glow in the dark lava lamp and the procedure to make a black-light lava lamp. It is impossible to mention all the ingredients in a single paragraph. reverse image search

So below you will get the information about making glow in the dark lamp. So without any further delay let’s dive into the discussion of how to make a homemade lava lamp that glows

How to Make a Homemade Lava Lamp that Glows- Ingredients 

Let me surprise you that you can also make neon lava lamps at home also by using the ingredients that are available at home. There are a few ingredients that you have to buy from the market to make a glowing lava lamp.

Below is the answer to what is the stuff in a lava lamp used to make the unique lava lamps. So have a look at them to make your own neon lava lamp. 

  • A transparent and clear plastic bottle that will be used as a lava lamp bottle. The size of the bottle should not be less or greater than 20 ounces to 2 little. 
  • Any type of oil( vegetable oil, cooking oil, baby oil, or mineral oil) in the case of the lava lamp experiment vegetable oil would work great. 
  • Glowing water. This glowing water can be made by using distilled water and light food color. You can use both liquid or powder food colors. 
  • Alka Seltzer powder form, or tablet form. If you are making the lava lamp for the lava lamp science fair project then always use the Alka seltzer tablet. 
  • Black Light. The back light is optional in case you are using glowing water. The black light becomes compulsory if you are using simple tinted water for making a green and purple lava lamp. 

Here I want to explain a few things regarding black lava lamps so that you will not stick at any point while performing coca cola lava lamp experiment. If you are designing a lava lamp that glows on its own or glows under black light, it’s working totally depends upon the material you use for designing lava lamps. 

Procedure to Make a Homemade Lava Lamp that Glows

In case you want to make glowy lava lamps right now then I recommend you to align all the ingredients first and then start to make your own lava lamps. Furthermore, follow all the steps that I am going to tell you for making the lava lamps. 

how to make a homemade lava lamp that glows

Prepare the Bottle 

The very first thing for making the lava lamp is to prepare the lava lamp bottle. Clean the bottle with a clean piece of cloth or rinse it with tap water. 

Fill the Bottle With Oil 

After cleaning the bottle, fill ¾ of the bottle with oil. As I have already mentioned that you can use a different type of oil according to availability oil. The oil that works best in the lava lamp is vegetable oil. 

Add Glowing Water 

Now you have to take a big spoon of glowing water and add it to the bottle that is filled with oil. 

Place the Back Light at the Bottom of the Lava Lamp Bottle 

Now you have to dim the light at the surrounding of the lava lamps. After dining the light of the surroundings now turn on the light. 

Add Alka Seltzer Tablet 

After turning on the lava lamp’s black light, if you are using an Alka seltzer tablet break it into pieces and add them one by one to the lava lamp bottle. The lava will start to flow. After some time the flow will stop. 

Here question may arise, do lava lamps wear out in this situation? So let me tell you that in this situation you have to add more tablets of Alka seltzer to the mixture. Now I am telling you how to use a lava lamp that is made at home flawless. 

Always add an Alka Seltzer tablet when you are using it. Moreover, you have to replace the lava lamp liquid after every fifteen to twenty days. If you do not do so then you will end up with a faulty working lava lamp. 

How to make a Homemade Lava Lamp Liquid That Glows 

After knowing how to make a homemade lava lamp that glows, now the main thing is how to make the liquid that will use in making a glowy lava lamp. 

how to make a homemade lava lamp that glows

Add Water in Jar

First of all, fill the jar with one cup of water. 

Add Ink to Water 

Now you have to take a highlighter. Open it and add it in water for at least thirty to forty minutes. By doing this all the ink from the highlighter will be absorbed by the water. 

Place the Jar in UV Light 

Now place the jar in direct sunlight so that it will absorb the light from the sun. You can use a highlighter according to your choice to get your desired glowy water. 

How a Lava Lamp Works 

We use ingredients in lava lamps that comprise different densities so the train is immiscible. The glowy water and oil will not mix with each other. Furthermore, the oil floats over the water and forms different shapes. After adding the Alka Saltzer to this mixture, it will start bubbling and provide a lava lamp effect. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: What materials do I need to make a homemade lava lamp that glows?

Answer: To make a homemade lava lamp that glows, you will need a clear plastic or glass container, vegetable oil, water, food coloring, Alka-Seltzer tablets, and a black light. You may also want to use a funnel, a spoon, and a measuring cup to help you with the process.

Question No 2: How do I make a homemade lava lamp that glows?

Answer: To make a homemade lava lamp that glows, start by filling your clear container about one-third full with vegetable oil. Next, fill the container with water until it is almost full, leaving about an inch of space at the top.

Add a few drops of food coloring to the container and stir it in with a spoon. Finally, drop in small pieces of Alka-Seltzer tablets and watch as the mixture begins to bubble and glow. Shine a black light on the container to make it glow even more brightly.

Question No 3: Are there any safety concerns when making a homemade lava lamp that glows?

Answer; Yes, there are a few safety concerns to keep in mind when making a homemade lava lamp that glows. First, be careful when handling the Alka-Seltzer tablets, as they can be irritating to the skin and eyes. Also, be sure to use a clear plastic or glass container that is sturdy enough to withstand the heat and pressure of the mixture.

Finally, never leave the lamp unattended or let children handle it unsupervised, as it could potentially spill or break and cause injury or damage.

Final Words 

This was the easiest method of How to make a homemade lava lamp that glows.try it at your home with your kids and enjoy it working without investing much in lava lamps. 

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