how long can you leave a lava lamp on for

Like every gadget, the lava lamp also has some maintenance tips for its better working. If you want to know about the maintenance of lava lamps, then the first thing you should is how long can you leave a lava lamp on for. 

Furthermore, the second thing is how to fix a lava lamp after shaking it. So if you are curious to know about these facts, then this guide is especially for you. In this blog, I tend to provide a comprehensive discussion on how long can you leave a lava lamp on for. 

If a user wants to use the lava lamp in a safe manner then it is recommended not to use it for more than seven to right hours. Moreover, these days some lava lamps offer straight working for more than ten hours. 

Anyhow then this question how long can you leave a lava lamp on for will have different answers with respect to the different types of lava lamps. The average time for using the lava lamp safely is seven to eight hours. 

below i am going to tell you about the consequences that you might face after leaving the lava lamp on for a longer duration. So I highly recommend you read this information so that you will keep your or your loved ones’ life at risk while using this lighting gadget. 

What Will Happen When You Use a Lava Lamp for Longer Duration? 

Human nature is very curious, he wants to know each and everything either positive or negative aspects of things and people around them. Ultimately a lava lamp user may also be interested in knowing the consequence he or she might face while keeping the lamp on for a longer duration. 

how long can you leave a lava lamp on for

The main purpose of adding this portion to the article is to educate my readers about hazards that they might encounter while overusing lava lamps. Without keeping you at any wait let’s know about the hazards after overusing the lava lamps. 

The Lava Lamps Become very Hot

Keeping the lava lamp on for a longer duration say ten to eleven hours make the lava lamp very hot. The heating source mostly an incandescent bulb makes the lava lamp liquid very hot. Ultimately the lava lamp becomes very dangerous in case of touch. 

The intensity of the heat is enough to nurn the person’s skin and anything that is placed near it. So it is always recommended by the manufacturers to use lava lamps at a safe limit. So that you do not face any inconvenience. 

Lava Lamp Can Cause Fire 

From the above point, you might get an idea about the intensity of heat that is produced by the lava lamp bulb due to overusing. I have clearly mentioned that it can easily burn things and a person’s skin if they touch its body. 

Unluckily the lava lamp is placed near the combustible material and if mistakenly you have overused it, then there is a high chance of fire. For safety concerns, it is always recommended to keep combustible material away from the lava lamps. 

Lava Lamp May Explode 

As we all knew that different qualities of lava lamps are available in the market now. The selection and detection of high-quality lava lamps become very tricky. A low-quality lava lamp mostly explodes due to its excess use. 

Let me tell you how. The body of such lava lamps is designed by using low-quality plastic or mirror. The excess pressure creates in the lava lamp liquid due to the high temperature inside the body. Ultimately the body of such lava lamps cannot bear this pressure and explode. 

After the explosion, the liquid comes out of the body and can burn things that are placed near the lamp. If a person can accidentally touch this hot liquid then serious burn may occur to his skin. Ultimately explosion of lava lamps is very dangerous.

Overall the lava lamps are very safe to use. Furthermore, it is a splendid addition to any place to increase its beauty. You can enjoy its working safely if you use it according to the guideline provided by its manufacturer and never overuse it. 

Can You Keep a Lava Lamp On at Night? How Long Can You Leave a Lava Lamp On For? 

Most of us want to know that is it safe to leave a lava lamp overnight. Or are there any hazards in it? Here, I am sharing the view of the lava lamp manufacturers for keeping the lava lamp on overnight. 

how long can you leave a lava lamp on for

Mostly it is recommended to use the lava lamp when you can examine it constantly. Additionally, it is best to turn it off before you go to bed. If you to sleep with a lit lava lamp. Here is a tip for you. Turn the lava lamp when you are near to sleep. 

Furthermore set the alarm in your phone after seven hours from the time you turn on the lava lamp. By following thing this hack you can easily sleep with the lit lava lamps. If the safety is first priority then it is best to turn the lava night off before sleeping. 

What are the Reasons for Lava Lamp Explosion 

There are a few reasons that cause an explosion of lava lamps. It is important to mention them here so that you do not do them and keep your life at risk.

Overusing of Lava lamps 

The most common reason for lava lamp explosions is overuse. So try to use the lava lamp for six to seven horses consecutively. 

Direct Sunlight Exposure

The second reasons for lava lamp explosion are the exposure to sunlight directly with the lava lamps. This direct exposure to sunlight act as an additional heating source for the lava lamp. Ultimately these lights are very hot and explode.

Final Words 

I hope you find the answer to how long can you leave a lava lamp on for? From the above diffusion. Furthermore, try to avoid the things that can be the reason for overheating of lava lamps. The overheating and overusing of lava lamps are dangerous for the lamps themselves and it’s surrounding also.

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