Grande Lava Lamp Bulb

Did your lava lamp bulb reach its expiry date? Now you are looking for a replacement for the grande lava lamp? For the lava lamp of 27 inches, a 100w reflector bulb is indeed a perfect replacement for the original lava lamp bulb. 

There are immense varieties of grande lava lamp bulb available these days and the main tricky thing during the replacement of a bulb is to pick the most suitable one for your lamp. 

To make this complex and tricky procedure easy, in this article, I am going to tell you how you can select the perfect bulb for your lamp. This blog is all about the grande lava lamp, what is grande lava lamp its part, it’s working, and the replacement method. 

So if you want to learn all these things about grande lava lamp replacement bulbs, then you must read the guide carefully. Let’s break the ice and get started.

What is Grande Lava Lamp Bulb-Parts Of Bulb 

A giant lava lamp bulb is like an ordinary bulb that is designed to produce soft illumination. The main difference between ordinary bulbs and lava lamp bulbs is very minor but it produces a great difference in their working. 

Grande Lava Lamp Bulb

The ordinary lava lamp bulbs produce sharp bright light that helps to perform different chores. On the other hand, lava lamp light bulbs are used to produce soothing and soft light that makes the surrounding environment soothing. 

Most people use lava lamps at the time when they want to take a rest. Let’s have a look at the parts of the grande lava lamp bulb. 

Parts Of Lava Lamp Bulb

Generally like every ordinary lava lamp, the lava lamp bulb also consists of three parts. These three parts of the bulbs are mentioned below. 


A filament is simply a coil made up of thin wire. These filaments are usually designed using tungsten. The reason behind using tungsten as a filament material is that it has a tendency to bear high temperatures without melting. 

To form a connection with the body of the lamp, the filament is enclosed with globe-shaped glass or plastic. Furthermore, a wire made of conductors like copper and lead is connected to the base of the lamp. 

Glass body 

The second part is the glass body of the bulb. This glass body enclosed the base of the bulb, wires, and filament. The filling inside the glass body is interesting gas like neon and argon. This type of filling is very beneficial in increasing the life span of the filament and protecting them from burning. 

The Base Of The Bulb 

The base is the main position that holds the bulb in an upright position. Furthermore, the base is directly connected to the electricity supply. The electricity passes from the conductor wire from the base and allows the filament to glow and emit light. 

Generally, there are two types of bases in the bulb first one is two sides nail base and a spiral base. 

Finding The Right Size Bulb For Your Lava Lamp 

There are generally four types of grande lava lamps available for the lava light replacement bulbs of lava lamps. Let’s have look at them one by one. 

15 Watts Lava Lamp Bulb 

The first of all 15 watts lava lamp bulb is perfect for 11.5 inches tall lava lamp. The lava inside is enough to heat up in one hour to one hour. 

25-Watt Lava Lamp Bulb

The second type of bulb is 25 watts lava lamp. This wattage of a lava lamp is enough to warm up the lava lamp at 14.5 inches in height. Never try to use a lava lamp bulb of less or more wattage than the 14.5 inches lava lamp. 

40 Watts Lava Lamp Bulb 

The lava lamp lights bulb of 40 watts is compatible to work with the lava lamp of height 16.3 inches to 17 inches. More or less wattage of the lamp will not perform well and hinder the flow. 

100 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb 

The lava lamp light bulbs of 100 watts are specially designed for the lava lamp of 27 inches lava lamps. 

How To Replace Grande Lava Lamp Bulb 

Below I m going to mention step to steps guide for the replacement of a groovy lava lamp replacement bulb. Follow all the steps mentioned below for the replacement of the lava lamp grande replacement bulb. 

Grande Lava Lamp Bulb
  • First of all, leave the lava lamp for cooling after unplugging it. 
  • When the lava lamp gets cool, lift the globe of the lamp up. 
  • Unscrew the expired lava lamps. 
  • Now take the new grande lava lamp bulb 
  • Tighten the standard lava lamp bulb in place of a lava lamp. 
  • Place the globe of the lava lamp over the base again. 

Do LED Bulbs Work In Lava Lamps? 

The lava lamp light bulbs that are used in lava lamps are incandescent, halogen, and in very few cases LED bulbs. But it is not wrong to say that LED bulbs are not suitable for lava lamps. 

The reason behind this logic is that LED bulbs do not produce enough heat to melt the lava inside them. So that is why it is recommended not to use LED bulbs in lava lamps. Here you might be thinking what bulb for a lava lamp is best? My answer is the incandescent bulb. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: Do lava lamps use special standard lava lamp bulbs?

Answer: A lava lamp use incandescent and halogen bulb inside its body as a heating source. Very few lava lamps also come with LED bulbs.

Question No 2: Can I leave the lava lamp on while I sleep?

Answer: No, never leave the lava lamp on while you go to sleep. Keeping the lava lamp on for a longer duration can cause many hazards. 

Final Words 

I try to cover the ways how to find a grande lava lamp bulb for your lava lamp. I am damn sure after reading this article you will get a clear idea of how to get a perfect one for your lava lamp. 

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