How To Dispose Of a Lava Lamp

Do you have a dead lava lamp in the house? And you’ve tried your best to set it but the efforts are useless. In this case, I am sure you are thinking about how to dispose of a lava lamp. 

The very first time when I have to dispose of an old lava lamp, there are a lot of questions in my mind. The same situation is with you now. The first question might be are lava lamps safe to dispose of? Or can a lava lamp explode during disposal? And much more. 

In this regard, this blog post is going to be very beneficial for you. As I have covered the whole procedure of lava lamp disposal from opening a lava lamp cap to throwing it in the dustbin. Furthermore, all the risks and benefits related to lava lamp disposal. 

Let’s dive into the detailed guide on how to dispose of a lava lamp.

Material Required During The Disposal Of Lava Lamps

Before going towards the procedure, learn which material is used to dispose of a lantern lava lamp. Here is a list, so the very first step is to make sure of the availability of all materials. 

  • An old or dead lava lamp 
  • Few newspapers ( these newspaper helps to keep the working desk clean) 
  • A pair of rubber gloves 
  • A plastic bag ( this plastic bag is used as a trash bag)
  • Rubber bands ( these rubber bands help in sealing the mouth of trash bag) 

How To Dispose Of a Lava Lamp- Detailed Guide Step By Step

Here is a step to step guides to dispose of dead lava lamps by taking the lava lamp safety into consideration. 

Preparation Of Working Desk 

The preparation of the working desk is the most crucial step in lava lamp disposal. Ake almost two to three newspapers and spread them all over the working shelves. In case you do not have newspapers, you can go with a plastic sheet also. 

This step will help to save the surface of the working area, otherwise, its color will be faded. As we all know lava is designed by using different chemicals. So it has the potential to damage the surface.

Put The Gloves On

Take out the plastic gloves and wear them. Never suppose to follow the lava lamp disposal procedure without wearing gloves. Maybe you are curious to know is lava lamp liquid toxic and has the potential to damage your skin. So yes Lava lamp liquids are toxic and can damage the skin 

Unplug The Lava Lamp

Make sure you do not interact with electricity while disposing of a lava lamp. So before the process turns off the lava lamp. Meanwhile, open the mouth of the trash bag. Take out a lighter, hold the lamp over the trash bag, and start providing heat. 

The purpose of providing heat is to turn the wax into lava form. So when you notice wax is heated enough to flow. Turn off the lights. Now carefully open the lid of the light and dispose of paraffin oil slowly. 

Pour the wax slowly, so that no splash occurs to avoid burning of floor and skin. 

Disassemble Parts Of Lava Lamps 

After the safe disposal of lava lamp wax, now it is time to disassemble all the parts of the lava lamps. Start with a dissembling of the top cap. You can do it by using a flat object, a screwdriver, and by using your hand also.  

In case you are using any flat object, then use it with great care. First of all remove the lava lamp globe, then the blob lamp. 

Clean The Lava Lamp

When all the parts of the lava lamp are disassembled, take a paper towel and clean out the excess residue left behind after pouring out the wax. After wiping the lava lamp hardware, rinse parts with water before disposing of them. 

Here is a choice, whether you want to recycle it or throw it directly into the trash. If you want to recycle the parts of lamps, then it is compulsory to know which material is used in their manufacturing. If you are not sure about it, then it is better to throw them directly into the trash. 

If you want to recuse the glass, then clean it forest by using a paper towel or water. clean the base of the lava lamp also and keep the glass over it. 

Dispose of Hardware 

For the hardware that you do not want to recycle, put all of them into a trash bag. Seal the trash bag by using a rubber band. 

Discard Debise with Great Responsibility

Talk with the local recycling plant and hand over all the waste to them. They know how to discard them properly. 

Wash Hand 

Here you have completed almost all the process of lava lamp disposal. Here never forget to wash your hands. As you have dealt with a lot of chemicals.

Risk During Lava Lamp Disposal  

There are a few risk factors during lava lamp disposal have to look at them. Ultimately you can follow the process safely.

How To Dispose Of a Lava Lamp

Breakage Of Lava Lamps 

The common risk during the disposal is the breakage of the lamp during its handling. So it is recommended to hold the lamp firmly. 

Spillage Of Liquid 

Sometimes when the person pours the wax quickly, there is a high risk of spillage. 


During the heating of the lava lamp, there is a high chance that it can catch fire. 

Benefits Of Lava Lamp Disposal 

There are a few benefits of disposing of a lava lamp. So it is better to dispose of them 

Minimize Accidents 

If you dispose of the lava lamp properly, then it will help to minimize the chances of an accident. 

Save Money 

The replacement of the lava lamp is expensive compared to its disposal or replacement. Ultimately while disposing of the lava lamp you are saving money also.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 1: Are lava lamps dangerous? 

Answer: No, a lava lamp is not dangerous. It is safe as far as you use it according to its manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Question No 2: Are lava lamps toxic? 

Answer: The body of the lamp is not toxic, but the liquid inside the lava lamp is toxic. 

Question No 3: Can lava lamps go bad?

Answer: Yes, lava lamps go bad after 2000 hours of use. Sometimes it goes bad before this duration, due to its overuse it all overnight.

Question No 4:  Is it safe to throw away a lava lamp in the trash?

Answer: No, it is not safe to throw away a lava lamp in the trash. The liquid inside the lamp can be toxic and the glass can break and cause injuries

Question No 5: Can I pour the liquid down the drain?

Answer: No, you should not pour the liquid down the drain. The liquid can damage pipes and can be harmful to the environment.

Final Words 

Here is the easiest and safest procedure on how to dispose of a lava lamp. Children cannot perform this procedure as it is risky. Furthermore, I recommend you recycle the lamp and minimize the discard. 

If you want to learn more about lava lamps and their related aspects stay connected with the blog. For now, that is all about how to dispose of a lava lamp. I hope you enjoyed the blog. 

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