What Happens If You Shake a Lava Lamp

Have you shaken your lava lamp mistakenly? Now you are worried about what happens if you shake a lava lamp. Whether it goes out of order? Or the chemistry of lava lamp wax remains the same or changes. Furthermore is it possible to fix the lava lamp after shaking?reverse image search

Now you do not need to worry anymore, as I am going to tell you all the lava lamp problems after shaking it, is lava lamp repair possible after damage happened, and How to fix a lava lamp. You just have to read the whole article carefully to get all your answers. 

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Start with why you should not shake a lava lamp. What damage will happen after shaking a lava lamp? 

Why Not Shake a Lava Lamp-What Happens If you Shake a Lava Lamp

All the manufacturers of lava lamps advise not to shake it if you want to use it for a longer duration. When I came to know about this fact, so I was curious to know why shaking a lava lamp is avoided. 

Most probably you also want to know why. So let’s end the curiosity and know what happens if you shake a lava lamp. 

Oil Start to Spread 

The lava of the play 2 paly lava lamps are designed by using silicone-based oil, paraffin wax, and tinted water. Ultimately when a person shakes the lamp vigorously the oil in the lamp will definitely tend to spread out. 

Furthermore, sometimes the lava inside the lamp goes throughout the lava lamp. This is the very first reason behind avoiding the lava lamp from shaking. 

The water Inside The Lava Lamp Becomes Cloudy 

As we all knew, the densities of oil and water are different. Ultimately it does not follow the general rule of like dissolves like. So remains immiscible. Unluckily if a person shakes the lava lamp, the water inside the lava lamp becomes cloudy. 

The cloudy appearance of the water makes lava light unattractive. The main attraction behind these bubbling lava lamps is the transparency of water, which allows its user to see what is going on inside the lamp. 

How to Fix a Lava Lamp After Shaking 

Let me share my experience here when I first bought my lava light, I shook my lava lamp. After shaking it becomes cloudy and clumpy. I was worried about why my lava lamp is clumpy. Why lava lamp not bubbling properly? 

Can I fix it or do I have to dispose lava lamp straight? If the same thing happened to you. So stop worrying I am right here to tell you what to do if the lava of the lava lamp not moving or how to fix a cloudy lava lamp. You can get solutions to problems with a lava lamp. 

In case you were thinking of discarding your lava lamp that becomes clumpy and cloudy after shaking it. Then hold on and follow the steps mentioned below to fix the lava lamps problem. 

Turn It On and Off Repeatedly 

The very first thing after the lava lamp has shaken up, turn it off immediately. You have to keep it off for at least three to four hours continuously. The reason behind this procedure is to prevent the lava from spreading throughout the lamp.

 This practice helps to convert the oil and water into their original forms and hardens them. Turn the lamp on after four hours and see if the water is clouding up again. If it is clouding again, then turn it off again for two to three hours more. 

You have to repeat this procedure until the lava lamp starts working properly without making the water cloudy. 

Keep The Lava Lamp on For Eight To Nine Hours Straight 

In case when you periodically on and off lava lamp and unfortunately, it does not work for you. Then there is an alternate way to follow. Keep your lava lamp on for at least eight to nine hours straight. 

Make sure you did not turn it off during this duration. In this period the lava lamp produces enough heat that can make the wax come to its original form. I hope this technique will work for you. 

Lava Lamp Wax Replacement 

If none of the above techniques works, this is the very last thing that you can do for your lamp is to change its wax. You can make a wax at home also by using very basic things that are present in your kitchen. 

How To Make Or Replace Lava Lamps Wax

In this portion you will get t know how to make liquid for the lava lamp light. Follow the procedure mentioned below to make wax on your own. 

What Happens If You Shake a Lava Lamp

Collect The Ingredients 

First of all pours out bad wax from the lamp, and clean the lamp bottle from the inside. Now collect all the ingredients that use to make wax, like distilled water, oil, vinegar, salt, and food color. 

You can use tap water also, but I recommend you to use distilled one as it is much cleaner and clearer than tap water. 

Fill Water in the Lamp bottle 

Fill the distilled water inside the lava lamp bottle. Make sure to keep two to three inches of gap between the water and the lid for air and ingredients. 

Add Other Ingredients To the Water

Now add salt, baking soda, and vinegar to the water and stir it. Alternatively, you can buy a saline solution from the market and use that solution in place of these ingredients. 

Lastly, add nearly one tablespoon of oil and a dishwasher to the mixture and stir. Your liquid is ready. 

What is The Lava Lamp And How Does It Work

A lava lamp is a decorative light that provides an aesthetic look to the place by providing colorful light. A marble lava lamp works when the wax inside it gets enough warmth from the blob inside it. 

What Happens If You Shake a Lava Lamp

The wax of the Starlite lava lamp is designed by using different materials having different densities. Ultimately it remains immiscible. The ingredients of the wax are mineral oil, tinted water, and paraffin wax. 

When the wax gets enough heat, it expands and floats over the liquid to provide an aesthetic shape. When the wax floats up it gets cold and comes back to the bottom and the cycle continues.  This is how the lava lamp works. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: Why is my new lava lamp not flowing? 

Answer:  The reason behind it is that it is the wax inside it does not get enough heat to work properly. So turn the lamp on and leave it for one hour to one and a half hour so that the wax get enough warmth to flow. 

Question No 2: Can I use a broken lava lamp? 

Answer: Never use a broken lava lamp, as it can cause many hazards. 

Question No 3: Is it dangerous to shake a lava lamp?

Answer: Yes, shaking a lava lamp can be dangerous. The heated wax can splash and spill out of the lamp, causing burns or fires. Additionally, the lamp’s glass can break if shaken too hard, which can cause injury and create a mess.

Question No 4: What should I do if I accidentally shake a lava lamp?

Answer: If you accidentally shake a lava lamp, immediately turn off the lamp and unplug it from the wall. Let the lamp cool down completely before attempting to move it. If any wax has spilled out of the lamp, use a clean, dry cloth to carefully wipe it up.

Do not touch the hot wax with your bare hands. If the lamp is damaged or doesn’t work properly after being shaken, it may be necessary to replace the bulb or the entire lamp.

Final Words 

From all the discussions above we have learned what happens if you shake a lava lamp. And how to fix the problems of lava lamps after shaking them. It means now you can use the lava lamps after shaking them and throwing them away is not only the solution. 

I hope this guide will help you to fix your shaken lamp also. If you are still confused about how to fix the shaken lamp, read this blog one more time.

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