how to fix a lava lamp that has been shaken

The user of lava lamps has a lot of questions in their minds. The most common question of these people is how to fix a lava lamp that has been shaken. The second most frequently asked query is why is my lava lamp chunky. 

Shaking a lava lamp mistakenly becomes the reason for the faulty working of a lava lamp. Let me share my experience with all of my readers, when I bought my new lava lamp, then I shook my lava lamp by mistake. 

After that, I faced numerous lava lamp problems, In that situation, I did a lot of research on problems with lava lamps. After thorough research, I got the answer to the question of how to fix a lava lamp that has been shaken mistakenly. 

It is challenging, to sum up, the solution of how to fix a lava lamp after shaking it. But here I am only telling you about the easiest method of lava lamp repair after shaking it. Repeatedly turning the cloudy lava lamp on and off can fix the lava lamp wax and resolve lava lamp problems. 

anyhow w moving towards our main topic how to fix a lava lamp that has been shaken, so that we can restore our lava lamp desk. 

How to Fix a Lava Lamp that Has been Shaken?3 Easy Solutions 

In this part of the blog, I am focusing on fixing the lava lamp not moving, the new lava lamp not flowing and the lava lamp not bubbling. My primary focus is to provide my user with solutions that are pretty straightforward and toolless. 

how to fix a lava lamp that has been shaken

If you want to fix your broken lava lamps or the lamp that has been shaken can be fixed without any problem by yourself. So without any further delay let’s have a look at the solution of how to fix a lava lamp that has been shaken. 

Turn Off and On The Lava Lamp Repeatedly 

The very first thing that a user can do the fixing the shaken lava lamp is to turn off and on the lava lamp for at least seven to eight hours. First of all, when you noticed that you have seen the consequences of lava shaking lava lamp. 

The very first thing that you can do for the fixation of lava lamps is to keep it on for at least three to four hours consecutively. This thing will help the oil from spreading to the extent that makes it miserable and awful to see. 

When you turn off the lamp it will harden the mixture again and make the water clear again. This process is very quick and easy for the fixation of shaken lava lamps. let me be clear here that this method is only best when you detect the problem early. 

In case this method will not work for your lava lamp, then you did not get disappointed. Try the solution that I am mentioning below. 

Keep the Lava Lamp On for straight Eight to Ten Hours

The second solution for the fixation of a shaken lava lamp is to stay it on for more than eight to ten hours consecutively. You might think that this practice may make the lava lamp hot and cause hazards. 

So let me be clear here that you can try this process under your observation. If you do so, then it will not cause any problems. If keeping the lava lamp on for a longer duration does not make any difference then you can switch to another solution. 

In rare cases, the lava lamps will not restore by keeping this on for a longer duration. 

Provide Additional Heat 

The third solution for the cloudy lava lamp is to provide some additional heat from the heat source. You can provide heat in two ways. The first way is to provide heat by keeping the lava lamp in the sunlight. Make sure to avoid direct sunlight exposure.

If you do not want to place the lava lamp in sunlight, you think this thing will ruin your lava lamp. Then hold on you can follow the second way of providing heat. You can use a hair dryer for providing heat to the content. 

Provide additional heat for only then to fifteen minutes. Do not provide heat for a longer duration. Otherwise, the wax may break and you have to replace the content of the lava lamp. Unluckily if providing an additional heat source will not regulate the lava lamp then ultimately you will have to go for the last solution. 

If that solution remains useless then, unfortunately, you have to find a lava lamp replacement as your previous lava lamp reached its expiry date. 

Replace the Lava Lamp Content 

If none of the above-mentioned solutions will work to restore your lava lamp. In this case, the lava lamp content may get expired and you have to replace its content. There is no rocket science behind the manufacturing of lava lamp content. 

how to fix a lava lamp that has been shaken

You can easily make the lava lamp replacement content at home by using ingredients that are easily available at your home. For the replacement of the lava lamp first of all make sure to unplug it. Below I am mentioning how you can replace the lava lamp liquid by yourself.

I am sure you will enjoy the process of lava lamp replacement process and be surprised with the final result.

How to Replace Lava Lamp Liquid?

First of all, make sure to arrange all the content. You can combine distilled water, food color, and mineral oil for the manufacturing of lava lamp liquid. Make sure that the wax settles down while removing expired lava lamp water. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: What should I do if I accidentally shake my lava lamp?

Answer: If you shake your lava lamp, the wax inside may break into smaller pieces and become suspended in the liquid, creating an unappealing look. If this happens, turn off the lamp and let it cool down for several hours before turning it back on. Avoid shaking the lamp again, as this can worsen the problem.

Question No 2: Can a shaken lava lamp be fixed?

Answer: In some cases, a shaken lava lamp can be fixed. Let the lamp cool down completely and then gently turn it upside down to allow the wax to settle back to the bottom.

Then, turn the lamp back on and see if the wax has returned to its normal state. If not, repeat the process until the lamp is functioning properly again.

Question No 3: What if my lava lamp still looks cloudy after fixing it?

Answer: If your lava lamp still looks cloudy or the wax is not settling back down to the bottom after several attempts to fix it, there may be underlying issues with the lamp that cannot be easily resolved.

It could be due to a damaged heating element or a problem with the wax formula. In this case, it may be best to replace the lamp or seek assistance from a professional.

Final Words 

If you use lava lamps with great care without overusing them, then there is a high chance that the lamp will restore from the consequence of shaking easily. I hope you have found out how to fix a lava lamp that has been shaken. Try these solutions and let me know about your experience. 

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