How to Make a Lava Lamp With Salt

There is a magical ingredient in your kitchen that you can use to make a flawless lava lamp. Do you want to know what that is? So let me tell you, by using super salt you can make a Himalayan salt lava lamp that works exactly like a typical lamp. 

Now you definitely want to know how to make a lava lamp with salt that works flawlessly. So I can help you in making a groovy lamp lava lamp with salt. All the ingredients are available at home for its manufacturing. 

All you need are baking soda, a clean glass or plastic jar, salt, food coloring, and a few other ingredients that I am going to mention below. 

Furthermore, there is a detailed step-by-step guide on how to make a lava lamp with salt. Before getting into the guide let’s see what is actually a salt lamp and how they work.

What is Salt Lava Lamp  

A salt lava lamp is just like a homemade lava lamp that is made by using salt in it. The liquid like lava contains water, salt, vinegar, and a few other ingredients that make an upside down volcano in the lamp. 

The lava lamp cups are usually made up of plastic or glass to provide transparency. Ultimately its user can see what is happening inside the lamp clearly. If you want to make a Himalayan salt lava lamp that glows in the dark, then you have to place a flashlight at the bottom of the lamp. 

How To Make a Lava Lamp With Salt? 

In this portion, I am going to tell you the easiest way to make a Himalayan Salt Lava Lamp. below is the list of ingredients that are required in the process. Just go through it and make sure all ingredients are available. 

Ingredients Of Making a Lava Lamp with Salt 

I am telling you before all the ingredients used in making a lava lamp are present in your kitchen already. Ultimately you do not need to go out and buy them. 

  • A glass jar(plastic jar) make sure they are clean and has a lid
  • Distilled water 
  • Food coloring tablet/ liquid food color
  • Vegetable oil/ baby oil 
  • Salt 
  • A white flashlight

Guide To Make a Lava Lamp 

Here is the step wise guide that will help you during making a lava lamp using salt. So follow all the steps accordingly to avoid any inconvenience. 

Take A Jar and Fill it with Water

The first is to take a jar that you going to use as a body of volcano light. Clean it with a soft fabric. After cleaning you have to fill ⅔ of the jar with distilled water. You can also use tap water if distilled water is not available. 

The main advantage of distilled water is, it does not contain any additional impurities and minerals in it. So salt can mix effectively to provide flawless bubbling. 

Add Oil To Water 

Now take any type of oil and pour at least ⅓ cup of the oil into the water. Now leave the mixture for some time when all the oil comes to the top of the water. 

Pour a Few Drops Of Food Colouring into the mixture 

Now it’s time to add a few drops of food coloring to the mixture. Here is the choice for you you can add the tablet color or liquid. If you have a food coloring tablet, then break it into pieces.

Add only one piece of the tablet. In case you need a little bit of dark color then you can add two pieces at the same time.

Add Salt at The End 

When the food color is mixed up homogeneously now add one to two tablespoons of salt to the lava. You will see a bubbling will start.

This is the way how to make a lava lamp with salt. Now it is all up to you, if you want it to glow then you need to place a flashlight at the bottom. 

Working Of Lava Lamps 

Let’s learn the process of what happens inside the lamp. Why does bubbling start what is the reason behind the bubbling? You will definitely enjoy knowing it’s working. 

How to Make a Lava Lamp With Salt

First of all, let’s learn why the oil in the mixture float over the water. The main reason behind the floating of the oil is the difference in densities. The water is heavier than oil. In simple words, the oil is less dense than the water. 

Ultimately it floats over the water and forms a layer here. Furthermore, both of these liquids do not mix. After that when we pour salt over the oil, at this moment the oil start to sink down to the bottom. The reason is water is lighter than salt. 

The salt goes down to the bottom with the blob of oil, and when the salt is completely dissolved the oil came back to the top as usual. This is how a salt lava lamp work. 

How Long Can a Lava Lamp Last

I think all of us have this query regarding the salt lava lamp, and how long it can last. Normally a liquid inside the lamp can easily last for one month. After this time duration, you have to change it. 

When I came to know we have to replace the liquid inside the lamp after a specific time duration, my question was how to refill a lava lamp without any hazard. So here i telling you to refill the lava lamp briefly. 

How to Make a Lava Lamp With Salt

Simply dispose of the previous lava into the sink. Now rinse the jar with tap water and follow the procedure above to make the lava and here you go.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: Can I use any type of oil to make a lava lamp with salt?

Answer: No, not all oils are suitable for making a lava lamp with salt. The oil used for this project must be lighter than water, such as vegetable oil. Other types of oil, such as olive oil, are too dense and will not work.

Additionally, using heavier oil can prevent the salt from sinking to the bottom of the jar and creating bubbles. Therefore, it’s important to use the right type of oil to achieve the desired effect.

Question No 2: What type of salt should I use to make a lava lamp?

Answer: You can use any type of salt to make a lava lamp, but it is recommended to use coarse salt as it creates larger bubbles and better lava lamp effects. You can use sea salt, kosher salt, or rock salt. Avoid using fine table salt as it dissolves quickly and may not create the desired effect.

    Final Words 

    Here I tried to provide the easiest of how to make a lava lamp with salt and I hope you get an idea of what things you need to do for making a lava lamp with salt and the process. So if you are still stuck at any point you can freely ask. 

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