What Happens When you Shake a Lava Lamp

Have you added a lava lamp to your place recently? By mistake, you have shaken it? Now you want to know what happens when you shake a lava lamp or what to do after shaking a lava lamp. 

I remember I shook my lava lamp also when I want to use a lava lamp for the convection modeling. Anyhow moving towards the main query what happens when you shake a lava lamp? So let me tell you that shaking a lava lamp makes it’s transparent liquid cloudy. 

Furthermore, the lava lamp becomes very hazardous if a person does not go for lava lamp repair. The manufacturers of lava lamps clearly advised its user not to shake lava lamps. Here most of the users came with a question can lava lamps explode after shaking it?

Here is an answer for all those people, when you are using a low-quality lava lamp, then there are high chances of explosion after shaking the lava lamp. In this blog, I am going to enlist some hazards after shaking a lava lamp. If you are also an owner of a lava lamp I recommend you to see what happens when you shake a lava lamp. 

Hazardous Related to Shaking of Lava Lamps- What Happens When you Shake a Lava Lamp

Before directly going towards the hazards of the lava lamp after shaking it. I think we must know about the thing that makes lava lamps hazardous. As we all knew that the lava of the lava lamp is designed by using various types of liquid and chemicals that remain unmixed. 

what happens when you shake a lava lamp

Unfortunately, when a person shakes it whether to fix the lava lamp error or mistakenly the mixture may lose its chemistry and become hazardous. Now let’s have a look at hazards after shaking a lava lamp.

Lava Lamp My Explode

This most common question do lava lamps explode after shaking? So let me tell you how the explosion of the lava lamp happens due to the shaking of the lava lamp. When we shook the lava lamp the different liquids inside the lava start to mix with each other.

Meanwhile, when a person immediately turns the lava lamp on after shaking it. This thing becomes the reason for the explosion. The explosion of a lava lamp often happens in low-quality lava lamps. Because the body of the lava lamp may not bare the pressure created by lava and explode. 

On the other hand, if a person uses a high-quality lava lamp that is designed using high-quality plastic or a mirror may not show an explosion. As the body is designed to bare the pressure created by the lava of the lava lamp.

Overheating Of Lava 

As I have already mentioned that shaking the lava lamp may alter the chemistry of the lava inside it. In this case, there is a high chance that lava start overheating even when a sufficient amount of heat is provided to it by the incandescent bulb. 

The overheating of lava is the most dangerous thing about lava lamps. It may cause damage to the humans and surrounding that is unfortunately unrecoverable. The overheated lava may burn the skin of humans. 

On the other hand, if flammable material is placed near the overheated lava lamp it may cause a fire. 

Increase in Convection Current 

Maybe the term convection is new to some people. In my opinion, being the owner of the lava lamp owner we must know that lava lamp work on the principle of convection. 

Convection is basically a transfer of heat from the molecule of liquid that comprises high temperature to the molecules of liquid that contains less temperature. The transfer of heat continues to time when the temperature becomes equal on both sides. 

In the case of a lava lamp, the reason behind the working of the lava lamp is the convection current. Ultimately if a person shakes the lava lamp then ultimately it increases the convection current. 

If the convection current is created more than required then it hinders the flow of the lava lamp.

How to Fix Lava Lamp After Shaking It 

After knowing what happens when you shake a lava lamp, now it’s time to learn how to fix a lava lamp after shaking it.

what happens when you shake a lava lamp

Repeatedly Turn Off and Turn On Lava Lamp

The very first thing that you can do to fix the shaking lava lamp is to repeatedly turn off and on it consecutively for at least two to three hours. This thing will help you to settle the lava lamp wax. Furthermore, this procedure will also help to make the water clear. 

Keep Lava Lamp on For More than Six to Seven Hours 

If repeatedly turning off and on of lava lamp will not fix the lava lamp, then the second thing you can do to fix your lava lamp keeps it on for more than six to seven hours consecutively. Consecutively keeping the lava lamp on for mentioned duration will help to melt all the wax. 

Furthermore keeping the lava lamps on for a longer duration may help to collect the parts of broken wax collectively. Ultimately this procedure might help you fix shaken lava lamps. 

Replace the Lava 

If none of the above processes helps to make the lava liquid clear, in this case, you have to replace the lava lamp liquid. You can make the lava lamp content at home as well by using common ingredients present in your kitchen. 

Simply use baking powder, Alka seltzer, Himalayan salt, and any type of oil(vegetable oil, mineral oil, and cooking oil) with the perfect portion of water and food color in the body of the lava lamp. 

Final Words 

I think you got the idea of what happens when you shake a lava lamp and how to treat it. If you want to use a lava lamp for a longer duration then never overshake it. Moreover, the best care for lava lamps is never to overuse them. Moreover, try to keep it away from direct sunlight. 

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