Do Lava Lamps Need Special Bulbs

Did your lava lamp wax is not melting properly? If yes, this is because the lava lamp bulb went out of order and you have to replace it. The first step for the giant lava lamp replacement bulbs is to know do lava lamps need special bulbs. 

The answer to this query is Yes! The lava lamps generally use three types of bulbs. These bulbs are incandescent, halogen, and LED lava lamp light bulbs. The most frequently used lava lamp light bulbs are incandescent. 

The lava lamp bulb is specific for their task. The main task of these bulbs is to produce an abundance of heat and a minimum amount of soft light as well. As I already mentioned lava lamp bulbs required special treatment for proper working as well. 

In this guide, I have included characteristics of three types of bulbs, with the feature to consider while buying bulbs. So if you want to learn all these important aspects then you have to read this blog carefully. 

Let’s get into the blog with the characteristics of lava lamp bulbs. 

Characteristics Of Lights For Lava Lamps-Do Lava Lamps Need Special Bulbs?

In this part of the guide, I am going to mention the most important characteristics of bulbs for lava lamps.  After reading this part you will definitely get an idea of what bulb for lava lamps is perfectly suitable. 

Do Lava Lamps Need Special Bulbs

Incandescent Bulb 

Incandescent bulbs are frequently used bulbs in bong lava lamps. The incandescent bulb is like an ordinary lava lamp bulb. It comes with a filament that gets heat to glow and produce light. The filament is covered with a glass body. 

Furthermore, the filling inside the bulb is of inert gas. This inert gas prevents the filament from oxidation. Ultimately it can last for a longer duration. The base or holder of the lamp is designed using silver or metals. 

The holder of the lava lamp connects the bulbs to the electricity by using conducting wires. My first and foremost priority is to provide my reader with authentic information. That is why I am clearly meaning here that incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient. 

These bulbs utilized 95% of the energy in producing heat and reaming 5% of the energy is utilized for using soft light. The lifespan of these bulbs is very short 1000 to 1500 hours. 

Halogen Bulb 

The second type of lava lamp light bulb replacement is a halogen bulb. The halogen bulb is also known as a tungsten halogen or quartz iodine lamp. This lava lamp light contains a tungsten filament. The filament is covered with a transparent envelope of glass. 

Inside the envelope, the filling is of halogen gas iodine and bromine. The main characteristic of tungsten filament is it can bear high temperatures without melting. Ultimately it can last for a longer duration. This lava lamp bulb replacement is more efficient than the incandescent bulb but not more than the lava lamp led bulb. 

You might be thinking what light bulb for lava lamp is best? Incandescent or halogen. When you have two options for a replacement bulb for a lava lamp, halogen, and incandescent. In this case, always go for an incandescent bulb. 

LED Bulb 

LED Lava lamp light is not suitable and compatible to work with a lava lamp. Never ever consider LED bulbs as lava lamp replacement bulbs. The LED bulb works on the principle of Light emitting diode. 

The large lava lamp bulb LED produces white and sharp light producing enough heat that is used to melt the wax inside the globe. Generally, lava lamp that uses LED bulb as heat source doesn’t work properly. 

The wax of the bulb does not melt properly and in this case, the side of the globe becomes cloudy. Ultimately the situation of lava lamp globe replacement occurs. The LED bulb is energy efficient from both incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs. 

Things To Consider While Buying Lava Lamp Bulb 

I was curious when I did not find the answer to do lava lamps need special bulbs that there might be some features to notice while picking the replacement lava lamp bulb. Luckily I was right at that time. 

Do Lava Lamps Need Special Bulbs

These few features to consider while shopping for a lava lamp bulb replacement. It will help you find the right one that works flawlessly with your lamp. 

Wattage Of The Bulb

The first and most important feature is the size of the bulb. Every lava lamp uses a different wattage of bulb. In simple words, the lava lamp of 11 inches uses 15 watts of bulbs. On the other hand, 14.5 inches lamps are designed by using 25-watt lava lamp bulbs. 17 inches lava lamps equipped with 40 watts bulbs. The large size lamp of 27 inches comprises a large lava lamp bulb of 100 watts. 

Base Of The Bulb 

The base of the Bulb is also another option to consider when buying a lava lamp bulb. Generally, two types of bases are available pin type and screw type. Here the choice is totally yours which base is most suitable for your lamp. 

Furthermore, the material used for making the base of the lava lamp bulbs should be a sliver. The sliver base lava lamp bulb dissipates less energy and lasts for a longer duration. 

Shape Of The Bulb 

There are various shapes of bulbs are available in the market. The frequently used shape of the bulbs is candle-like and round. Here you have to decide which shape of the bulb to adjust with the base without any problem. 

Lifespan Of The Bulb 

Never forget to see the lifespan of the bulb before finalizing it for your lamp. Pick a light bulb with a lifespan of at least 1000 to 1500 hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question N0 1: Can I use regular bulbs in my lava lamp?

Answer: No, lava lamps require special bulbs that are designed specifically for use with the lamp. These bulbs are typically lower wattage and have a unique shape that is required to properly heat the wax and create the lava lamp effect.

Question No 2: What happens if I use the wrong bulb in my lava lamp?

Answer: Using the wrong type of bulb in a lava lamp can cause several issues, such as overheating or even explosion. The incorrect bulb may not provide the right amount of heat, which can cause the wax to melt unevenly and may also damage the lamp’s heating element.

Question No 3: Where can I find replacement bulbs for my lava lamp?

Answer: Replacement bulbs for lava lamps can be found at many retailers, including home improvement stores, specialty lighting stores, and online retailers. It is important to ensure that the replacement bulb is specifically designed for use in a lava lamp to avoid any potential safety hazards or damage to the lamp.

Final Words 

That is all the discussion regarding do lava lamps need special bulbs. I want to mention this thing again that incandescent bulbs are most suitable for lava lamp use. The reason is that it produces continuous heat. Ultimately wax flows properly without any problem.

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