what bulbs do lava lamps use

The most integral part of any lava lamp is its bulb. The bulb that uses in the lava lamp helps the smooth flow of lava in the lamp and provides soft and peaceful life.  Here the thing is what bulbs do lava lamps use? And ever lamp used different types of lamps?

I was curious to know about the same question, to find the authentic answer I do research for many days and here I am going to tell you about it. Generally, lava lamps use incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED bulbs.

Different types of bulbs in the lamp work differently and give a different type of glow and light. This blog is all about the types of bulbs, lava lamp bulbs sizes, and replacement of bulb for lava lamp. Ultimately you can learn all this stuff after reading this blog. So let’s get into it. 

What Is Lava Lamp Bulb-Working Of Lava Lamp Blub

The lava lamp bulb is like every ordinary bulb that is used in lamps. Additionally, without the lava lamp bulb, the lava lamp is useless. Generally, the bulb inside the lava lamp is mostly incandescent bulbs. 

what bulbs do lava lamps use

Inside the bulb, there is a filament, this filament gets heat from the electricity when plugged in. when the filament gets enough heat then it starts emitting light. Let me be clear here these lamps are not much efficient in case of energy. 

On the other hand, these lamps produce a lot of heat. Heat is the reason behind the lava-like effect inside the lamp. In very rare cases, halogen bulbs are also used in lava lamps. Here the most frequently asked question is what bulbs do lava lamps use high wattage or low wattage? 

The wattage of the bulb totally depends upon the size of the lamp. The larger the size of the lamp more wattage bulb will be used inside it. Similarly, the bulb wattage decrease with the size of the lamp. 

Let’s move towards the working of the lava lamp bulb, the bulb is the main source of heat for the lava of the lamp. If the lamp is not working properly then ultimately this will affect the working of the whole lamp. The lava does not get enough heat to flow properly. 

On the other hand, lava becomes thick and sticks to the edges of the lava lamp bottle. In case such a situation occurs with your bulb then it is the right time to find a perfect lava lamp bulb replacement and enjoy its flawless working without any problem. 

Types Of Bulbs Used In Lava-What Bulbs Do Lava Lamps use

If you are also the one who is fond of lava lamps. Then you are also curious to know which types of bulbs are used in the lava lamp. In this part of the blog, I am going to mention what bulbs do lava lamps use with all their properties. 

what bulbs do lava lamps use

Read them thoroughly for a better understanding.

Incandescent Bulbs 

Mostly rick and Morty lava lamp use incandescent bulbs inside them as a heating source. Let’s look at the part of bulbs, the most integral part is the filament. This filament heats up when connected to the electricity. 

Furthermore, the heated filament is the source of soft and soothing light. Incandescent bulbs are not much energy efficient ultimately they consume a lot of energy for producing heat. The heat from the bulb is the reason behind the smooth flow of the lava. 

furthermore leaving incandescent lamp for longer duration can be risky.

Halogen Bulb 

Some types of lava lamps also use halogen light bulbs inside them. Basically, halogen bulbs are the types of incandescent bulbs. The main difference between incandescent bulbs and halogen bulbs is the filling inside them. 

The gas present inside the halogen bulb makes it more efficient than an incandescent bulb. The main con of the halogen bulb is that it can get hot in very less time. To avoid overheating halogen bulbs are not commonly used in incandescent bulbs. 

LED Bulbs 

High-wattage LED light is used in far and rare cases in the lava lamp. The main problem with LED lights is that they do not produce heat. On the other hand, they are energy-efficient. The most important thing for the lava lamp is heat. 

In simple words, LED lights with less wattage can not use in lava lamps as they do not produce enough heat that is used for heating the lava inside the lamp properly. The lava remains cold and sticks which is why LED bulbs are not suitable for lava lamps. 

Choosing The Perfect Bulb For Your Lamp According to its Height 

Now I am going to assist you in choosing the most suitable bulb for your bong lava lamp according to its height. Every bong shaped lava lamp has a different height ultimately it uses different wattages of the lamp. 

It is not wrong to say that the height of the lamp is the main factor in deciding the wattage of the lava lamp. Typically the lava lamps use 25 to 30 wattage light bulbs. Furthermore, the size of the bulb varies with variations in height. 

11.5 to 12 Inches Lava Lamps 

A lava lamp of this height uses 15 watts of light bulbs for the smooth flow of liquid inside it. 

14 Inches Lava Lamps

14 inches lava lamps are widely used lava lamps that use 25 to 30 watts light bulbs in them. 

27 Inches Lava Lamps 

The lamp 27 inches comes with a lava lamp bulb 100w. More or fewer wattage bulbs in these lamps do not allow smooth flow. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: what is the price of a lava lamp light bulb?

Answer: The price of Lava lamp bulbs varies accordingly to their size and type. Generally, the replacement of lava lamp bulbs takes almost $3 to $10. 

Question No 2: What is the lifespan of the lava lamp bulb?

Answer: A lava lamp bulb last only for 800 to 1000 hours. After this time replacement of the lamp become necessary. 

Question Mo 3: Can I use a colored bulb in my lava lamp?

Answer: While it is technically possible to use a colored bulb in a lava lamp, it is not recommended. The color of the bulb could change the color of the wax and make the lamp look different than intended.

Additionally, using a colored bulb could cause the wax to overheat and damage the lamp. It is best to stick with a clear or frosted bulb with the correct wattage for your lava lamp.

Final Words

I hope you get the answer of what bulbs do lava lamps use for providing flawless working. So if your lava lamp bulb is not working properly then replace it according to the size of the lamp. 

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