what kind of bulb does a lava lamp take

Are you fond of a lava lamp, and unfortunately the bulb of the bong lava lamp went out of order? Or not producing enough heat to melt the wax? In this situation, you might want to know what kind of bulb does a lava lamp take? 

The first point pops up that in your mind may be some type of special bulb. So let me be clear here that golf ball lava lamp use three types of bulbs first one is the incandescent bulb. The second one is a halogen bulb.  reverse image search

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In rare cases, LED silver bottom light bulbs are used in lava lamps. In this whole guide, I am going to cover the types of lava lamps used in the lava lamp.

Furthermore how to find the right size lava lamp bulb for your lava lamp. So if you want to know all these aspects regarding the lava lamp you have to invest your time in reading this whole article. After reading the blog I am damn sure you will not regret it. 

Without keeping at further delay let’s start with the guide by knowing the kinds of bulbs used in lava lamp bulbs. 

What Kind of Bulb does a Lava Lamp Take?- Types of Lava Lamp Bulb

As I have mentioned earlier that there are three types of lava lamp bulbs used in the lava lamp. These bulbs are incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED bulbs. In this part of the blog, I am going to tell the characteristics of lava lamp bulbs. 

First of all start with the incandescent lava lamp topper bulb 

Incandescent Bulb 

The incandescent bulb is like an ordinary bulb. The parts of the incandescent bulbs are the base of the bulb, glass globe, heating coil, and wiring. The base of these bulbs is sometimes designed with metals and sometimes sliver. 

In my opinion, the incandescent bulb with a silver base is more reliable as compared to the lava bulb with a metal base. The filling inside the 1970’s vintage lava lamp bulb till now is of inert gas. This gas will be the reason for maintaining the heat produced by the lamp bulb. 

Additionally, the coil inside the bulb is designed with a material that will not melt even at high temperatures. Let’s come to the point that the incandescent bulb is most suitable for the lava lamp because it produces more heat and less light. 

The main purpose of the lava lamp is to produce soft light with aesthetic visuals. So this bulb ultimately helps the bulb to fulfill the purpose of the lamp. Additionally, it is not wrong to say that incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient. 

Halogen Bulb 

The second type of lava lamp bulb is a halogen bulb. The halogen bulb is a type of incandescent bulb. Furthermore, the structure of the bulb is also the same as an incandescent bulb. The difference between these two bulbs is very minor. 

The halogen bulb can be also named a quartz halogen and tungsten lamp. The reason behind this is, halogen gas, bromine, and a few more mixture of gasses are used as the filling inside the bulb. The filament is designed with a tungsten filament

This material has the tendency to bear high temperatures without melting. Additionally, these bulbs are stronger than ordinary bulbs. 

 If you cannot find a lava lamp incandescent bulb then you can consider a halogen bulb as the replacement for such bulbs. 

LED Bulbs 

The third type of bulb is LED light lava lamp. These types of lava lamp lights are designed for the last ten to fifteen years. These bulbs are especially good for producing sharp lights. As I have mentioned earlier that the purpose of the Philips glitter lava lamp posts is to produce soft lights. 

The sharp lights are useless for the bong-shaped lava lamps. Additionally LED lights are not a good source of heat. Ultimately these lamps will not melt the wax inside them properly. That is why reason lava lamps do not use these bulbs. 

Why LED Bulb Does Not Work Good for Lava Lamps 

From the above discussions, you will get a little bit idea of what kind of bulb does a lava lamp take? And which bulb does not perform well in the lamps. Let me answer the question of why LED bulb does not work well for lava lamps with reasons. 

The very first thing that makes LED bulbs unfit for the lava lamp is that these bulbs produce very sharp light. There is no work of sharp light in the lava lamps. A lava lamp produces soft and soothing light to produce a peaceful environment. 

Furthermore, the LED does not produce enough heat, that helps to melt the wax inside the globe. Ultimately wax becomes sticks to the walls of the kiss lava lamp globe. This is the second reason for not using LED bulbs in the lava lamp. 

How to Find the Right Size Bulb For Lava Lamp 

After knowing the types of lava lamps know it is time to have comprehensive discussions of what bulb for lava lamps 40w or 25w. Follow the tips below to get the right size bulb. 

25-watt lava lamp bulb

A lava lamp 25w bulb is suitable for a lava lamp of height 14.5 inches. Some people use 25-watt light bulbs for lava lamp use in 11.5 inches bulbs. Here keep this thing in mind using high-wattage bulb in lamps cause breakage of the lamp. 

15 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb

11.5 inches of the lava lamp utilizing 15 watts lava lamp. This wattage of the bulb can easily heat up the liquid inside it. 

40 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb 

16.3 to 17 inches of the lava lamp use 40 watts of the lamp.

100 Watt lava lamp 

The full-size 27 inches lava lamp uses a 100-watt lava lamp. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: What is the shape of the bulb used in a lava lamp?

Answer: The bulb used in a lava lamp typically has a unique shape, which is designed to fit within the lamp’s housing and provide even heating to the wax. The bulb may be elongated or have a tapered shape, depending on the specific model of the lamp.

Question No 2: Can I use any type of bulb in my lava lamp?

Answer: No, lava lamps require a specific type of bulb that is designed to provide the right amount of heat to melt the wax and create the lava lamp effect. Using a bulb that is not designed for use in a lava lamp can cause issues such as overheating, malfunction, or even explosion.

Question No 3: Where can I purchase replacement bulbs for my lava lamp?

Answer: Replacement bulbs for lava lamps can be found at many retailers, including home improvement stores, specialty lighting stores, and online retailers. It is important to ensure that the replacement bulb is specifically designed for use in a lava lamp to avoid any potential safety hazards or damage to the lamp.

Be sure to check the wattage and shape of the bulb to ensure compatibility with your specific lava lamp model.

Final Words

After knowing what kind of bulb a lava lamp take and what size will be suitable for the lamp. Now we should know how long does a lava lamp take to heat up? So a lava lamp that comprises the right size bulb takes almost one hour to one and a half hours in heating up.

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