How To Dispose of Lava Lamp

Do you have a lava lamp in your house that is dead now? So you are thinking how to dispose of lava lamp? You tried your level best to recycle and reuse it but the lamp does not respond. I also faced this condition, at that moment I was thinking about the disposal of a lava lamp. You are also thinking the same. 

No need to take the stress anymore! I am here to tell you the ways to dispose of lava lamp safely. Before disposing of the lava lamp you have to melt the wax inside it by providing heat to it. So that you can easily dispose of all the liquid without any hazards. 

There is much more to learn about how to dispose of lava lamp that you can learn by reading this whole guide with great attention. So without creating further suspense let’s start with the blog. 

How Do You Properly Dispose Of Lava Lamp-How To Dispose Of Lava Lamp 

In this portion, I will mention some safest ways to dispose of paraffin oil and the body of an old lava lamp. There are several ways how to dispose of a lava lamp, but I will start with the easiest way of disposing of a lava lamp. 

If you do not want to interact with the parts of the lava lamp, then this disposing method is for you. Take a newspaper and wrap the lava lamp in it. After properly wrapping the lamp with newspaper throw it in the dustbin. 

Here is the most important tip for following this way, make sure to check the manufacture’s guidelines for convection lava lamps. Additionally, never let an old lava lamp on overnight.

Every brand of lava lamp uses different types of materials ultimately after reading the guidelines you can get an idea of whether is it safe to throw them directly in the dustbin. Or you have to follow some other precautions. 

Follow the steps below for throwing the lava lamp in the trashcan without risking your and the surrounding safety. 

Repack in the box 

Take out the original box of the lava lamp, and repack the lava lamp in its original container. Do not forget to use styrofoam pads. In case that is not available just simply pack it in the box. 

Do Not Touch The Hardware 

For following this way I recommend you, not to touch the hardware, like loosen or tighten the caps, lightbulb should be in its original place. 

Wrap The Cord Properly 

The last step for this method is to make sure the cord of the old lava lamp should be warp at the base properly. 

So if someone asks me about how to dispose of lava lamps safely and quickly then I will definitely recommend this method. 

As I mentioned earlier, I will tell you more than one method of how to dispose of a lava lamp. So get into the second method of disposing of an old lava lamp. There is a benefit to following this method. The benefit is you can simply recycle and reuse lava lamps. 

How To Dispose Of Lava Of Lava Lamp 

After deciding that you are going to reuse the part of the lava lamp the very first thing that you think will be how to dispose of glitter water, or how to dispose of lamp oil. 

How To Dispose of Lava Lamp

Hold on for a second I am going to explain it in detail. The lava of the lamp contains paraffin wax, oil, and tinted liquid. So in case, you are thinking to dispose of it directly into the drain, then it is impossible. 

First of all heat the lava so that wax melts and comes into the lava form. After that, the best option is to dispose of the lava in any landfill that is away from the locality. You can dispose of it in the drain but it is a little bit risky. 

How To Dispose Of The Glass Body 

After disposing of the lava properly, now rinse the body with tap water. After washing you can simply two it in the dustbin. Furthermore, you can recycle it if you want to. Sometimes due to problems, the lava lamps broke. 

How To Dispose of Lava Lamp

In this situation, the user wants to know how to dispose of a broken lava lamp. So first of all collect all the broken parts of the glass. Keep them in a box. While collecting the broken parts of glass make sure to wear gloves, as the liquid will interact with the skin

Safety Rule For Disposing of Lava Lamps 

Follow the safety rules during the disposal of lava lamps. Ultimately you will remain out of danger during the whole process.

Wear safety Goggles 

Always wear safety Goggles while disposing of the lava of the lava night lamp. While disposing of the lava, there is a high chance of splashing.

Wear Gloves 

The second rule is to wear gloves, as we have to interact with the liquid of the lava lamp. We all knew the liquid is toxic in nature so it can cause damage to the skin. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: Are lava lamps toxic?

Answer: The whole lava lamps are not toxic, somehow the liquid inside the lava lamp is toxic. The lava is designed by using paraffin wax, oil, and tinted water. Let me be clear here, the liquid is toxic, not poisonous. 

Question No 2:Do lava lamps explode? 

Answer: Generally lava lamps do not explode. On the other hand, if the user uses it 24/7 lava lamp without the manufacturer’s guidelines it may explode then. 

Question No 3: Are lava lamps safe? 

Answer: The lava lamps are a fun and very attractive decorative piece that a person can have in their space. Indeed they are very safe as far as their users use them according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Question No 4: Can I throw my lava lamp in the regular trash bin?

Answer: No, it is not recommended to throw your lava lamp in the regular trash bin as it contains hazardous materials. The lamp’s glass contains chemicals that can potentially harm the environment, and the liquid inside the lamp may contain toxic substances such as methylene chloride.

It is essential to dispose of the lamp correctly to prevent it from ending up in a landfill and causing harm to the environment.

Q: How can I recycle my old lava lamp?

Answer: Recycling a lava lamp can be challenging due to the hazardous materials it contains, such as the liquid and chemicals used in the lamp. However, some companies specialize in recycling old lamps and properly disposing of hazardous materials. Contact your local recycling facility and inquire if they accept lava lamps or if they can recommend a company that does. Additionally, some online retailers offer mail-in recycling programs for lava lamps, where they will send you a prepaid shipping label to send the lamp to their recycling facility.

Final Words 

These are the two safest methods of how to dispose of lava lamp. Follow the one that you liked most. Furthermore do not need to forget to wear gloves during disposing of old lava lamps. 

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