how to fix a shaken lava lamp

Have you purchased your first ever lava lamp, in excitement, or by mistake you have shaken it? Now you want to know how to fix a shaken lava lamp? In case you are looking for the answer to this query. Then I recommend you to stay at the blog to get the answer to it.reverse image search

To fix a shaken lava lamp, there are a lot of methods that experts recommend. The easiest and fastest method is to keep the lava lamp off for more than two to three hours consecutively. Follow the on-and-off process periodically four to five times. 

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When I shake my lava lamp I was stuck on how to fix a lava lamp after shaking. At that moment I followed the above mention method. After turning it on consecutively for two to three hours my lava lamp wax is stuck at the top. After getting enough heat it works properly. 

Every lamp is designed by using different types of liquid, so this method may not work in your case. Ultimately below in the blog, i am going to tell you a few more methods that help you how to fix a shaken lava lamp. 

Get into the comprehensive guide on how to fix a lava lamp after shaking it? 

How to Fix a Shaken Lava Lamp? A few Best Ways To Fix Shaken Lava Lamp

Maybe you have the question can you shake a lava lamp for fixing the problems of the lava lamp? Let me clear up this confusion here, shaking is not a treatment for fixing any problem with a lava lamp. Unluckily if you shook a lamp by mistake, then follow the methods below for fixing it. 

Before researching thoroughly about lava lamps, I always think I have to dispose of my lamps because there is no way of fixing them. Thanks to me I did not give up and did research and find ways to fix my lamp. So now I am going to share those ways with you. 

Periodically Turn The Lava Lamp Off and On 

The very first thing to save your lava lamp after shaking it is to turn it off consecutively for two to three hours. This will help to hinder the expansion of both wax and oil. If you keep the lamp on it can make the whole liquid cloudy. 

When you turn the lamp off it will help to make the lava lamp wax harden. After three hours turn it on for a few moments and again turn it off. Follow this procedure periodically for four to five times. 

It is a high chance your lava lamp can be fixed by following this method. Unluckily if this method will not fix the shaken lava lamp then you can go for the second method. 

Keep it On For a Longer Duration 

If the lava lamp not moving properly after periodically turning it on and off. Now here is another method to fix a lava lamp. Keep the cloudy lava lamp on for nine to ten hours consecutively. 

By doing this the lava gets enough heat that can help to solve the lava lamp problem. This method can also use to fix lava lamp wax stuck at the top. So if you are looking for the answer to this question how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at the top? Then follow this same method. 

If this method is also useless to fix the lava lamp problems, then there is the last option left that you can use. 

Replace The Lava Lamp Content 

If periodically turning the lava lamp on and off and keeping it on for a longer duration did not fix the cloudy lava lamp. At this stage, you have to replace the content of the lava lamp. Simply dispose of the lava of the lava lamp. 

Easiest Way Of Lava Lamp Wax Replacement 

This is the last option to fix shaken lava lamps. For the preparation of the wax, there are a few steps to follow so that you can not stuck at any point.

how to fix a shaken lava lamp
  • First of all, collect all the ingredients to make wax. The ingredients are all available at home, baking soda, Alka seltzer, any type of oil, and distilled water. You can also make lava by using salt
  • Add all the ingredients into the lava lamp bottle, after rinsing it with water. 
  • A saline solution will be prepared, leave it without stirring. After a few hours use it as you use a typical lava lamp. 

Why You Should Not Shake a Lava Night Light 

Shaking of lava lamps can be very dangerous, as we all know lava lamps are designed by using different liquids that are toxic in nature. Here are a few consequences that you can see after shaking a lava lamp

How to fix a shaken lava lamp

Lava Lamp Become Cloudy 

Shaking a lava lamp can make the transparent liquid inside it cloudy. Ultimately it looks odd and due to continuously vigorously shaking you have to replace its content. 

Displacement of Heating Coil 

Another worse effect of shaking lava lamps is the displacement of the heating coil. A heating coil is placed at the bottom of the lava lamp bottle. The main purpose of a heating coil is to provide enough heat for the proper flow of the lava inside it. 

Displacement of the coil may hinder the proper flow of the lava due to shaking. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: How long does lava lamp take to heat up?

Answer: A lava lamp take almost one to one and half hour in heating up the lava. A brand-new lava lamp can take two to three hours in heating up the lava properly. 

Question No 2:How long can a lava lamp last?

Answer: if a person uses a lava lamp with great care then it can easily last for approximately 2000 hours. 

Question No 3: How to fix a broken lava lamp?

Answer: For the fixing of broken lava lamps you have to make a new lava lamp. first of all, prepare the lava content, then you need to do the lava lamp replacement bottle only. Add the content into the bottle and your lamp is fixed. 

Question No 4: Why is my lava lamp shaken and how can I fix it?

Answer: If your lava lamp is shaken, it may be due to uneven heating of the lamp, movement of the lamp, or a damaged bulb. To fix it, turn off the lamp and let it cool down completely.

Then, gently shake the lamp to dislodge any bubbles or clumps of wax that may have formed due to the shaking. Next, make sure the lamp is on a flat and stable surface to avoid any further shaking. Finally, replace the bulb with a new one if the shaking persists, as a damaged bulb can also cause shaking.

Question No 5: What should I do if my lava lamp is still shaking after trying to fix it?

Answer: If your lava lamp is still shaking after trying to fix it, there may be a deeper issue that requires further investigation. Try turning off the lamp and allowing it to cool down completely before examining it for any visible damage or loose parts.

Check the base, cap, and bulb to ensure they are properly secured and functioning correctly. If you are still having issues, contact the manufacturer for further assistance or consider taking the lamp to a professional to be repaired.

Final Words 

That is how to fix a shaken lava lamp at home. I recommend you try these methods at least one time for fixing the shaken lava lamp. Literally, you will be going to love it. 

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