The Best Purple Lava Lamps

Nothing in this world can take the place of the lava lamp that provides aesthetic and colorful visuals to space. The pleasure of having a lava lamp becomes double when you have the best purple lamps that match your interior. reverse image search

Here the problem is what things make an ordinary lamp the best purple lava lamp? So hold on I am here to clarify all your confusion regarding this. As I am going to tell you about all the features that a neo lava lamp should have. 

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Ultimately these features make an ordinary lava lamp the most suitable option for you. Furthermore, to make your selection procedure easy 5 below lava lamps are shortlisted. You can buy one from the list if you want. 

Before shortlisting them, I use these three lamps personally and on a very serious note, these lamps work exceptionally well. So without creating further curiosity have a look at the list of the best purple lava lamps. 

The Best Purple Glitter Lava Lamp With Clear Liquid

This purple glitter lava lamp is one of my favourite lamps due to its flawless working and soothing visuals. I am telling you these lamps can lift your mood in the second by providing peaceful vibes. 

The Best Purple Glitter Lava Lamp With Clear Liquid
Credit: Amazon

Another good thing about this ceramic lava lamp is that you can use it anywhere in your home, whether in the bedroom, office, dorm, or man cave. Furthermore, it comes in different sizes, from 11 inches to 25 inches. 

The lamp is designed by using 25 wattage bulb with an on/off switch. Additionally, the lamp is certified and tested for the sake of safety. On heating the liquid inside it, transparent white lava tends to provide multi-colour to catch users’ attention. 

Reasons to Buy:

  • Available in different sizes 
  • Perfect for all age ranges 
  • Seven hours of consecutive use 

Reason not to buy

  • No warranty available 

Galaxy Mood Purple Lava Lamp 

I am damn sure this moon shape vibrant lava lamp will be the best addition to your light gadget. Its vibrant and moon-shaped body can increase the beauty of the space where it is placed. 

Galaxy Mood Purple Lava Lamp
Credit: Amazon

Galaxy mood purple lava lamps come in sixteen different colours. Ultimately you can select the one according to your mood and interior design. If you are choosing it for your kid, then you can get the one according to your child’s choice. 

The second interesting thing about this magical lamp is its adjustable brightness option. In case you want to use it t night time, you can take advantage of it as a night light. Furthermore, you can control it through a remote. That is very handy. 

It is not wrong to say this lamp is very pocket friendly as it comes with a USB charger. Ultimately you can save your money by investing in batteries. Last but not least, indeed, this lamp is the perfect gift option your everyone. 

You can gift it to anybody, teenager, young, old on birthdays, Christmas, weddings, etc. 

Reason To buy

  • Comes in different sixteen different colors
  • Perfect gift option
  • Designed with rechargeable USB 

reason not to buy

  • Bit heavy 

ColourMax Galaxy Lava Lamp-With White Wax 

Are you looking for a perfect gift for someone and still you did not decide what it will be? Then you will thank me later as I will give you a perfect option. This colour max lava lamp is going to be the favourite gift of your best friend.

ColourMax Galaxy Lava Lamp-With White Wax 
Credit: Amazon

Furthermore, it comes with 30 wattage bulb that will efficiently heat the wax inside it. The liquid inside it is white in appearance. On heating, the wax in it melted and provide purplish and bullish visuals. It will attract everybody around it.

The good thing about the lamp is its one-month warranty. So you can easily replace the lamp if you see any damage. To save your money, the lamp is rechargeable, and it comes up with a charging wire in its box.

Reasons to buy

  • A very attractive option to use as a gift for your friends, colleagues, and family 
  • Sleek and stylish design 
  • Comes with 30 wattage bulb to heat up lava instantly 

Reasons not to buy

  • The lava lamp heats up instantly. 

Buying Guide For The Best Purple Lava Lamps 

If you have any plans to buy a new 16-inch lava lamp, then I am telling you this portion of the blog s going to help you a lot. Here I will tell you what features must be in your lamp so that you can enjoy all its benefits. 


Let’s start our discussion with the most crucial feature of the lamp which is the height of room 2 room motion lamp. Generally, a 52 oz lava lamps comes with a height of 12 inches to 2 feet. Now here the choice is yours, so select according to your own choice. 

I will suggest you before choosing anything make sure you have a clear idea of space availability. By following this procedure I am damn sure you will your ideal the best purple lava lamp. 

Let me be clear here the height of the lava lamp also affects the heating time of the lava. So taller the lava lamp more time it will take to heat up the liquid inside it. When I talk about height it means the overall height of the lamp, the compiled height of the globe, and the stand. 


Like every lamp, the play to play lava lamp also comes in different shapes. Commonly globe shape and rocket shape lava lamps are liked by the people. Select according to your own choice as you are going to use it. 


We all clearly know that psychedelic motion lamp comes in a different color. Here the pro tip is before making any choices of play 2 play lava lamp always understand the nature of your space interior. After keeping this thing in mind select a lava lamp color accordingly. 

In this way, you will pick the one that perfectly matches your interior and add more beauty to it. 


Another crucial factor before choosing any lava lamp is to know about the materials that are used in its manufacturing. Make sure the body of the lava should be designed by using high-quality glass and thin plastic. 

Furthermore, the cap, base, and other hardware should be manufactured using fine-quality metals. So that they can work flawlessly during the whole lifespan of the lamp. Additionally, the base designed using aluminum or steel increases the durability of the lamp. 

Type of Bulb 

Do not need to forget to know about the type of bulb used in the lava lamp. Typically the lava lamp used an incandescent bulb as a light or heat source inside it. Incandescent bulbs are not much energy efficient. 

These lamps consume a lot of energy for heating up the liquid inside them. Furthermore few lamps also come up with halogen bulbs. Nowadays some bulbs are also designed using LED bulbs. I am bluntly saying such lamps are nothing but just a waste of money. 

So I recommend you always go for the lamp that comes with an incandescent lava lamp. 

Safety Concern 

The most essential thing that you must not neglect to see before picking any lava lamp is to see whether the selected lava lamps overheat instantly. How much time lava lamp takes to heat up? Last but not least how many hours you can consecutively use it? 

After knowing the answers to above mention question. Select your own best purple lava lamps that offer consecutive working of at least six to seven hours. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 1: How long can a lava lamp last?

Answer: The lifespan of any lava lamp is approximately 2000 hours. Sometimes a lava lamp lasts for a longer duration as mentioned above when its user uses it with great care. On the other hand, if you do not take care of the lamp its lifespan decreases to 1000 to 1500 hours.

Question No 2: Can you plug in the lava lamp night light all time?

Answer:  you plugging in the lava lamp every time can make it overheat. Continuous overheating of the lava lamps can sometimes be the reason for the lava lamp explosion. 

Question No 3: Do lava lamps use a lot of electricity?

Answer: lava lamps are not very energy-efficient gadgets, it uses electricity for heating the lava inside them. At the same time if a person uses a lava lamp under his monitoring, then he can surely save a lot of electricity. 

Question No 4: How do Lava Lamps work?

Answer: A Lava Lamp is essentially a decorative lamp that consists of a glass container filled with a translucent liquid and a colored wax that floats inside it. The liquid is usually water and the wax is made of a combination of paraffin wax and mineral oil.

When the lamp is turned on, a bulb heats the wax causing it to melt and rise to the top of the container. As it cools, the wax sinks back down, and the process repeats creating a mesmerizing and relaxing motion.

Question No 5: Are Lava Lamps safe to use?

Answer:Lava Lamps are generally considered safe to use, however, it’s important to follow some basic safety guidelines. The lamp should always be placed on a flat and stable surface, away from any flammable materials such as curtains, papers, and clothing.

The lamp should also not be left on for extended periods of time or unsupervised. Additionally, it’s important to use the right bulb recommended by the manufacturer and not to touch the lamp or the bulb when it’s turned on as they can get hot and cause burns.

Final Words Of The Best Purple Lava Lamps

Indeed a lava lamp is a perfect addition to any space if a person selects it according to the space availability and budget. I hope from all the above discussion you will get an idea what are features of the best purple lava lamps. 

If you still want to ask something regarding lava lamps you can ask it without hesitation. 

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