how to fix cloudy lava lamp

A lava lamp is a type of lamp that use direct electricity or sometimes batteries to operate. Like every electronic gadget, it went out of order after some time. The main error that you see in a lava lamp is the cloudiness of the lava lamp. Here is we all need to learn how to fix cloudy lava lampreverse image search

Before going towards the fixation of cloudiness here the main thing is to know why is my lava lamp cloudy. Whether you have shaken it or you have accidentally displaced its heating coil. After knowing the main cause of the cloudiness we can fix it very easily without any complications.

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There is the most frequently asked question of how to fix cloudy lava lamp at home. So I want to tell you all that in this article there are a few of the easiest ways to fix a cloudy lava lamp at home. By following these ways you will definitely restore your fuzzy lava lamp. 

Let’s start the comprehensive discussion on how to fix cloudy lava lamp without investing much in them. 

How to Fix Cloudy Lava Lamp- Liquid Replacement Method 

Before answering the question of how to fix a cloudy lava lamp, let me tell you that you use lava lamps with great care like never overusing them, placing them in the right place and many more. Unfortunately, after some time it will get cloudy. 

how to fix cloudy lava lamp

At this stage, you have to do something for the lava lamp repair procedure. let me share my experience before telling the solution of how to fix cloudy lava lamp. Back to the time when I bought my first new lava lamp. 

After using it for hardly a month, the lava lamp not flowing the way it should flow. I simply ignore this sign after some time the lava lamp not bubbling and the consistency of the lamp becomes thick. 

I was very worried about why my lava lamp is clumpy and now what to do with my salt lava lamp. After doing a lot of research I get to know what is liquid in lava lamps and how to make a lava lamp with salt. 

I go more deeply and luckily came to know about the easiest way how to fix cloudy lava lamp only by replacing the liquid inside the body that becomes cloudy. Now I am going to share that procedure with you. 

Let’s start with the procedure 

Turn Off the Lava Lamp First 

The first and most important step that you have to perform the fixing the cloudy 60s lava lamp is unplug the lava lamp for more than two to three hours. Keeping the lava lamp off for the mentioned period allowed the wax inside the liquid of the lava lamp to cool completely

When the wax is not completely cool and settles at the bottom, then it may splash out with the liquid that is cloudy. Keep this thing in mind we are only replacing the liquid of the lava lamp, not the wax.

Unscrew The Top of The Lava Lamp 

After unplugging the lava lamp, now you have to unscrew the top of the lava lamp. Do it with great care. If you forcefully remove the top, you might break it. In this situation, you also have to invest in the lava lamp top replacement. 

Most of the lamps are designed with threaded tops, for such lava lamps you can simply twist the top with your hand. Some 60s lava lamps or the latest lava lamps are manufactured with flat tops or cap-style tops. These tops are a bit difficult to remove. 

In this situation, you might have to use a wrench or pliers at the opening of the top of the lava lamp. If you do not have these tools you can simply use a bottle opener. 

Pour Out The Cloudy Lava Liquid 

After opening the top of the lava lamp bottle, now you have to pour out the cloudy liquid in any drain or sink. Here the important thing to notice is that you have to perform this task slowly without disturbing the solid wax lying at the base of the lava lamp bottle. 

how to fix cloudy lava lamp

Sometimes the cloudy liquid makes the bottle of the lava lamp cloudy also. In this situation, the simp;e thing you can do is to find a lava lamp replacement bottle also. When you have poured out all the cloudy liquid, then add 3 to four ounces of cold water into the bottle. 

Swish the bottle and drain out the cold water from the bottle. The purpose of pouring cold water into the lava lamp is to clean the bottle. While doing this task never shake the lava lamp. If you do so then there is a high chance of wax breakage. 

You can perform the cleaning process of the bottle with cold water three to four times. It will make the body cleaner and you can clearly see what is happening inside the body of the lava lamp.

Refill The Bottle 

After a thorough cleaning, fill the bottle with water. Here I recommend you use distilled water. Make sure you leave 1.5 to 2 inches of space empty. 

Turn On the Lava Lamp

After refilling the lava lamp, you have to switch on it and leave it on for at least six to seven hours. Here the main goal is the melting of the wax properly. 

Add a few drops of Dish Wash

Now add a few drops of dish wash into the glass body of the lava lamp. 

Make a Solution of Epsom Salt

Now make a solution of 150 grams of Epsom salt in one cup of water. 

Add the mixture to Lava Lamp Solution 

Use a straw to add the Epsom salt mixture into the lava lamp bottle. Add drop by drop and see how wax reacts with it. Stop adding the mixture when the wax starts to expand in the normal way 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: Why is my lava lamp cloudy, and how can I fix it?

Answer: Cloudiness in lava lamps can be caused by a number of factors, such as overheating, improper use, or a buildup of residue.

To fix a cloudy lava lamp, start by letting it cool down completely, then gently shaking the lamp to dislodge any residue or buildup. You can also try changing the bulb to a lower wattage or cleaning the lamp with a vinegar and water solution.

Question No 2: Can I use any type of cleaning solution to fix a cloudy lava lamp?

Answer: No, you should avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning solutions when cleaning a lava lamp, as these can damage the lamp or affect its performance.

Instead, use a solution of white vinegar and water, which is safe and effective for cleaning the glass and removing any buildup or residue inside the lamp.

Question No 3: What if my lava lamp is still cloudy after cleaning and shaking it?

Answer: If your lava lamp is still cloudy after cleaning and shaking it, there may be a more serious issue with the lamp, such as a damaged coil or overheating.

In this case, it’s best to contact the manufacturer or a professional repair service for assistance. Do not attempt to repair the lamp yourself, as this can be dangerous and could void the warranty.

Final Words 

That is the easiest and safest method of how to fix cloudy lava lamp at home. I hope you learn the procedure with fun. Now try it to fix your cloudy lava lamp. 

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