how to fix lava lamp wax

Does your lava lamp stop working and does its flow hinder? Now you want to know how to fix lava lamp wax, as the main reason behind the blockage of the flow is due to the problem in the wax. Secondly, you might also want to know what happens when you shake a lava lamp.

If you are worried about a lava lamp not flowing and want to know how to fix lava lamp wax. So let me tell you that you can fix broken lava lamp wax at home by following a very easy procedure. 

I am sure you are curious to know how to fix a lava lamp wax, so in this blog, there is a comprehensive discussion about fixing of shaking a lava lamp and how to fix lava lamp wax. Let’s break the ice and get into the main discussion of the topic. 

How to Fix Lava Lamp Wax at Home

There are very easy procedures that a person can easily follow to fix lava lamp wax and perform lava lamp wax replacement. I have collected this procedure by performing thorough research. Let me tell you all of these steps were very effective for fixing lava lamp wax in my case. 

how to fix lava lamp wax

I hope these steps will also help you out in fixing your broken lava lamp wax. I recommend you read and follow each and every step effectively. You will be surprised to see the results after following this solution. 

Unplug the Lava Lamp 

If a person knows how do lava lamps work and what’s in a lava lamp then understanding how to fix lava lamp wax becomes very easy. The very first thing is to turn off the lava lamp for at least eight to ten hours to fix the lava lamp wax. 

Turing the lava lamp off makes the cloudy lava lamp clear and helps to settle down all the wax at the bottom. Some lava lamps may take more than ten hours in settling the wax. After eight to ten hours of keeping the lava lamp off, when you will turn on it, there is a high chance that the wax will start melting and flowing correctly. 

As I have told you earlier that a person who is well aware of how does lava lamp work will better get an idea of how to fix lava lamp wax. In some lava lamps, this process will not help to fix lava lamp. 

In this situation, I recommend you follow the second solution that I am going to mention below. So if this procedure does not restore your lava lamp then do not need to disappoint you can follow the solution that is mentioned below. 

Repeatedly Turn Off and On Lava Lamp,

If the above solution does not make the flow of wax smooth then try this solution. Turn off and on the lava lamp for more than fifteen to twenty hours. Before giving you a description of this solution I want to briefly introduce what’s in lava lamps. 

The lava lamp liquid is designed by using different liquids, all of these liquids are of different densities. Furthermore, all the components of the lava of the jumbo lava lamp remain immiscible.  

When you repeatedly turn off and on the lava lamp then it will allow all the components to attain their consistency again. 

In simple words, all the parts of wax settle at the bottom, and oil and tinted liquid become clear. This solution also helps to fix the lava lamp wax stuck at the top of the lava lamp. Here let me tell you a thing maybe this solution will not show any difference in fixing the lava lamp wax. 

In case both of the above solutions are useless for fixing lava lamp wax, then below is the third solution for how to fix lava lamp wax. 

Keep the Lava Lamp On for More Than Eight to Nine Hours

Maybe you get confused that keeping the lava on for more than eight to nine hours is safe. So keeping the lava lamp on to fix the lava lamp wax for only one time will not make the lava lamp hazardous. 

The third thing for fixing the lava lamp wax is that keep your lava lamp on for more than nine hours, which will allow the wax to melt by getting heat from the lava lamp bulb. Ultimately keeping the lava lamp for a longer duration may also restore your lava lamp. 

I recommend you never to keep a lava lamp on for more than ten hours. As we all knew that keeping a lava lamp on for a longer duration may cause danger to the surroundings and people around it. 

In case this solution does not restore the lava lamp wax then ultimately you have to follow the last solution below. 

Replacement of Lava Lamp Liquid

If none of the solutions mentioned above will fix the lava lamp then you will disappoint and may be possible how to fix the lava lamp. Then here you have to replace the lava lamp liquid. Simply unscrew the lid of the lava lamp body. 

how to fix lava lamp wax

After unscrewing the lid, carefully dispose of the liquid at any Darin. In case you do not want to make contaminate the environment then dispose of the lava at a place that is un-urbanized. Dig a hole the dispose of all the liquid in it. 

Now rinse the body of the lava lamp with tap water. After that, now add the newly made lava lamp liquid into the body. After replacing the liquid then your lava lamp wax starts working properly. 

Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: What should I do if the wax in my lava lamp is not flowing properly?

Answer: If the wax in your lava lamp is not flowing properly, start by turning off the lamp and letting it cool down completely. Once it’s cooled, gently move the lamp to a different location, such as a cooler or warmer area, and turn it on again.

This can help encourage the wax to start flowing properly. If this doesn’t work, you can also try changing the bulb to a lower wattage or cleaning the lamp with vinegar and water solution.

Question No 2: Can I add more wax to my lava lamp if it’s not working?

Answer: No, you should not add more wax to your lava lamp if it’s not working properly. The lamp is designed to work with a specific amount of wax and liquid, and adding more can affect its performance or create a fire hazard. Instead, try fixing the issue by adjusting the temperature or cleaning the lamp.

Question No 3: What if the coil in my lava lamp is broken?

Answer: If the coil in your lava lamp is broken, it may be difficult or impossible to fix. In this case, you may need to replace the lamp or seek assistance from a professional repair service. Do not attempt to repair the lamp yourself, as this can be dangerous and could void the warranty.

Final Words

In case you are confused how can you make the lava liquid at home? Then let me clear your confusion here you can make a new lava lamp liquid by using baking soda, salt, Alka Seltzer, Himalayan salt, food color, and any type of oil. All of these ingredients can easily be available at your home. 

I hope the above four solutions of how to fix lava lamp wax will also work for fixing your lava lamp wax. 

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