how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at top

Being an owner of a lava lamp I am sure you want to look at the answer to how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at top and how to fix a cloudy lava lamp. You might want to know how can i say this thing with much confidence. reverse image search

Let me tell you why. I am fond of light gadgets especially lava lamp since my childhood. Ultimately I start buying lava lamps in my childhood. So you can get an idea of how long I am using these lighting gadgets. Ultimately I am well aware of problems regarding lava lamps and lava lamp wax. 

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Let’s move to the point of how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at top. So this minor error of the lava lamp can be fixed by providing more heat to the lava inside the lava lamp. But you have to provide additional heat by following a proper procedure. 

If you do not do so then ultimately you will end up affecting the working of the lava lamp. In my opinion, before learning about the ways to fix lava lamps, we must know the reason that is causing errors. 

Ultimately I want you all to the reason behind the lava lamp wax being stuck at the top before learning how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at the top. 

Why Lava Lamp Stuck at the Top- Reason Behind Lava Lamp Problems

If you bought your first lava lamp, and you are facing a problem regarding the flow of the lava lamp wax. In this case, there is nothing to worry about sometimes the lava lamp not melting, and most of the time lava lamp not moving due to changes in the temperature around the lava lamp. 

how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at top

On the other hand, the answer to this question is how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at top and the reason for the stuck of the lava lamp at the top is still the same. Below there are a few reasons behind the lava lamp’s problems, especially the new lava lamp not flowing and stuck at the top.

Alternation in the Temperature Around the Lava Lamp

The main reason behind the problems with lava lamps happens due to the alternation in temperature around the lava lamps. The difference in temperature badly affects the lava lamp wax. In this situation, you have to create a lava lamp wax replacement. 

We all knew that the lava lamp works best at room temperature. The working of the wax will be affected bu heating and cooling temperature. The best working temperature for the lava lamp is twenty-five to thirty-degree centigrade. 

Displacement in The Heating Coil of The Lava Lamp 

Shaking of the lava lamp results in the displacement of the lava lamp heating coil that is present at its base. The location of the heating should be parallel to the base. When I shook my lava lamp for the first time ultimately the heating coil stuck at the top of the globe. 

I was very worried to know why do lava lamp stop working and how to fix lava lamp stuck at top. With the help of thorough research, I came to the point that wax is stuck at the top due to the displacement of the heating coil. 

For the fixation of problems regarding lava lamp, we all must know how a lava lamp works and how long does a lava lamp take to warm up. So that we can detect minor changes in the working and fix that error on the spot. 

Not Choosing Right Size Bulb for the Lava Lamp 

When the lava lamp is not equipped with the right size bulb then it will not get the heat that is required for the proper melting of the lava lamp wax. Sometimes we choose a higher-wattage bulb for the lava lamp and we ended with the breakage of the lava lamp wax. 

The reason behind the stuck wax at the top is choosing the lower-wattage incandescent bulb for your lava lamp. The bulb is unable to produce the heat that will melt the wax properly. Ultimately the wax will stuck at the top of the lava lamp globe. 

How to Fix Lava Lamp Wax Stuck at Top? The easiest way

I am expecting that from the above discussion you are now well informed which things will be the reason behind the stuck wax at the top of the lava lamp. In this part of the blog, I am going to tell you how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at top at home by following the easiest methods. 

Room Temperature 

If you are using the lava lamp in extreme cold then there is a high chance the wax will stuck at the top. Try to adjust your room temperature. If you are unable to do so, then I recommend you place the lava lamp near the window pane so that it may get additional heat for working properly.

how to fix lava lamp wax stuck at top

Keep this thing in your notice that I am not saying to keep the lava lamp directly in sunlight. Keep the lamp in a place it gets some heat from the sun. 

The wattage of the Bulb 

The second thing to fix the lava lamp wax is to replace your lava lamp bulb with the higher wattage bulb. Because there is a high chance that the wax will stuck at the top as it will not get enough heat from the bulb. 

If you do not want to replace the bulb, then wrap the foil around the globe and leave the lava lamp on for consecutively two to three hours. 

Hair Dryer 

You can also fix a wax that is stuck at the top by providing additional heat from the hair dryer for ten to fifteen minutes. After this time duration swirl the lamp a bit and you will see the wax will melt down the bottom. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1:How do I fix my lava lamp if the wax is stuck at the top?

Answer: If the wax in your lava lamp is stuck at the top and won’t flow properly, try turning off the lamp and letting it cool down completely. Once it’s cooled, gently move the lamp to a different location, such as a cooler or warmer area, and turn it on again. This can help encourage the wax to start flowing properly.

Question No 2: Can I fix my lava lamp by shaking it?

Answer: No, you should not shake a lava lamp in an attempt to fix it, as this can cause damage to the lamp or create bubbles that affect its performance. Instead, try moving the lamp to a different location or adjusting the temperature to encourage the wax to flow naturally.

Question No 3What if my lava lamp is still not working after trying these methods?

Answer: If your lava lamp is still not working properly after trying to fix it, there may be a more serious issue with the lamp, such as a damaged coil or overheating. In this case, it’s best to contact the manufacturer or professional repair service for assistance. Do not attempt to repair the lamp yourself, as this can be dangerous and could void the warranty.

Final Words 

These are the ways how to the fix lava lamp wax stuck at the top. You can also drain half of the liquid in a pot by removing the base of the lava lap. Heat the lava lap you will see the wax will melt down with less water.

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