What Type Of Bulb Does a Lava Lamp Take

Are you fond of lava lamps and want to learn about different aspects of this magical device? Then definitely you want to know what type of bulb does a lava lamp take? And yet to did not find any satisfactory answer? 

So no need to search anymore! I am here to provide you with a satisfactory answer to the question of what type of bulb does a lava lamp take. So that you ended up getting your answer. 

Generally, lava lamps use three different types of bulbs in their manufacturing. These are incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs. Here in this blog, I am going to reveal the description of lava lamp size bulbs and some ways to choose the right size bulb for your lamp. 

Before going towards them, first of all, have a look at what’s inside the lava lamp. 

What Is Inside The Lava Lamps

A lava lamp contains Four parts, the globe, lava lamp bulbs, base, and the liquid inside the body of the lamp. As I mentioned earlier the bulbs are of three types. So let’s move toward the liquid of the lava lamp. 

What Type Of Bulb Does a Lava Lamp Take

The liquid of the bong lava lamp is designed using different types of materials. All of the materials are of different densities. Ultimately this stuff remains immiscible and does not diffuse with one another. 

The material used is paraffin wax, tinted liquid, and mineral oil. The base of the lamp is designed by using metals and metals alloy. Some lava lamps also use slivers for the manufacturing of their base. 

The silver bottom light bulb lamps are more durable than other ordinary lamps. The body of the lamp is designed using glass or thin and transparent plastic. The high quality lamps used glass for its body.

How Does Lava Lamp Work?

A lava lamp work on the simple principle of changing the density of the material inside it. When the heated liquid gets heat from the bulb, the paraffin wax starts melting. Here you might be thinking how long for lava lamp to heat up? 

What Type Of Bulb Does a Lava Lamp Take

The lava night light takes almost one hour to one and half hours for heating up. When the lava lamp melt, it expands and becomes lighter as compared to all the liquid inside the mixture. Ultimately it floats over the liquid. 

After reaching the top, the wax dissipates all the heat and becomes dense again. At this stage, it sinks down to the bottom. Here it gets heat and expands and floats over and the cycle begins. 

If the lava lamp wax not melting after one hour then there might be some technical errors happens, or the bulb’s expiry date has reached. 

What Types Of Bulb Does A Lava Lamp Take?

In this potion, there is a detailed description of each bulb for the lava lamp. Read the whole description of each lamp carefully. 

Incandescent Bulb 

Generally, the bong shaped lava lamp is designed by using incandescent bulbs. These bulbs contain a filament that gets heat to produce some visible light. It is not wrong to say that incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient. 

Inert gas is used as a filling in the incandescent bulb. Incandescent bulbs only convert 5% of electricity into visible light. Meanwhile, it produces continuous heat that is very essential for the proper melting of the lava lamp liquid. 

Halogen Bulb

Halogen bulb is also a type of incandescent bulb. More efficient than Incandescent bulbs. The halogen bulb is a little bit different from the incandescent bulb. So see how? 

The inert gasses with a little amount of halogen are used as a filling in the halogen bulb. Meanwhile, both bulbs work exactly the same. The main reason behind not using halogen bulbs in lamps is they become overheated quickly. 

LED Bulb 

These are the types of bulbs that use light-emitting diodes to produce light. These bulbs are efficient from both halogen bulbs and incandescent bulbs. Meanwhile, these lamps are not suitable for lava lamps, as they produce sharp light and produce less heat.

What Size Light Bulb Does a Lava Lamp Take

The size of the light bulb of the lava lamp totally depends upon the size of the lamp. Below I am going to mention the size of the bulb according to the size of the lamp.

11.5 Inches of Lamp 

The lamp with a height of 11.5 inches can flawlessly work with 15w lava lamp bulb. The bulb with these capacities can easily warm up the lava in one hour to one and a half hours. 

14.5 Inches Of Lamp 

14.5 inches of the lamp can be compatible to work with 25 watts of the incandescent bulb. Some people use 15 watts bulbs in 14.5 inches lamps. Ultimately they do not work fine with such bulb capacity

17 Inches Of Lamp 

For the lava lamp of 17 inches, 40 watts lava lamp bulb is necessary. If you want to enjoy the real crips of lava lamps then always use a bulb of 40 watts in 17 inches of a lava lamp.

27 Inches Of Lamp 

Lava lamp bulbs of 100w form the perfect combination with 27 inches lava lamp. 

Frequently Asked Question

Question No 1: Do lava lamps use a lot of electricity?

Answer: A lava lamp is not used much energy when its user is plugged in when using it. if you keep it on 24/7 then it becomes overheated and does not use a lot of energy.

Question No 2: How long does a lava lamp take to heat up?

Answer: A lava lamp take approximately one hour to one and a half hour for the proper heating up of the lava lamp.

Question No 3: Can I refill my lava lamp?

Answer: While it is technically possible to refill a lava lamp, it’s not recommended as it can be a challenging and potentially dangerous process. The liquid inside a lava lamp is a special formula of water, oil, and wax that is designed to work with the lamp’s heating mechanism.

Altering the liquid or adding new ingredients can affect the performance of the lamp and may even damage the lamp or cause a fire hazard.

    Final Words 

    This is all about what type of bulb does a lava lamp take? So before the replacement of lava lamp bulbs always notice that you are selecting the right one for your lamp. If you do not select the right one for your lamp, then unfortunately it will not work the way it should work. 

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