What Light Bulbs Are Best For Lava Lamps

Are you a new lava lamp user or want details about lava lamp sizes? In this case, the very first thing that came to your mind is what light bulbs are best for lava lamps? So I am here to tell you all details regarding this topic. 

Generally, lava lamps used three types of lava lamp bulbs. These types are incandescent, halogen, and LED bulbs. Here the question is what light bulbs are best for lava lamps so that you can enjoy their working fully. 

Here I am revealing the fact that lava lamps mostly used incandescent silver bottom light bulbs in them. Nowadays many manufacturers are also using halogen bulbs in the lava lamp. Furthermore, some low-quality lava lamps are equipped with LED night lights. 

Furthermore, the confusion about what bulbs are best for lava lamps requires some comprehensive discussion. So let us just dive into this discussion. 

What Light Bulbs Are Best For Lava Lamps?-Incandescent Or Halogen?

The thing which bulb is best for a lava lamp remains complicated if we do not know the difference between the incandescent bulb and the halogen bulb. Below is the main difference between these two bulbs 

Difference Between Incandescent Bulb And Halogen Bulb 

Incandescent bulbs are the oldest bulbs that are used in lava lamps. Furthermore, the s35 20 watt bulbs halogen or any watt halogen bulb is just an updated form of an incandescent bulb. Let me be clear here both of these lamps are different from each other. 

What Light Bulbs Are Best For Lava Lamps

First of all incandescent bulbs have a shorter life than halogen bulbs. The lifespan of a halogen bulb is approximately 1200 hours. On the other hand, halogen lasts longer than incandescent bulbs with a life span of 2000 hours. 

The second thing is, the halogen bulb produces more attractive and stylish light as compared to the incandescent bulb. An incandescent bulb only produces soft light.  Furthermore, incandescent bulbs are less energy efficient than halogen bulbs. 

The maintenance of halogen bulbs is more difficult than that of incandescent bulbs. Halogen bulbs are highly sensitive as compared the incandescent bulbs. 

Now you might be confused about what light bulbs are best for lava lamps. Incandescent or halogen bulb? 

With respect to the bong lava lamp, an incandescent bulb is a perfect option. The reason is an incandescent bulb produces more heat as compared to a halogen bulb.

We all knew clearly, the main reason behind the working of bong shaped lava lamps totally depends upon the amount of heat that converts the liquid inside the lava lamp globe into perfect lava consistency. The heat is the main reason for the flawless flow of the lava. 

So if you want to see the flawless working of Philips glitter lamp post then always notice it comes with an incandescent bulb. 

The reason behind not using a halogen bulb is that it becomes overheated quickly and produces sharp light. The lava lamp is used for a relaxing environment so sharp light will not be a good option for 

Can You Use LED Bulbs In Lava Lamps?

I think from the above discussion, you can get an idea that what light bulbs are best for lava lamps. As I mentioned earlier some lava lamps also use LED bulbs also. So is this a good choice to use LED bulbs in the lamp? 

What Light Bulbs Are Best For Lava Lamps

So in the expert’s advice, LED bulbs are not a perfect option for lava lamps. The reason is LED light only produces sharp light without producing enough heat which is crucial for the melting of lava lamp wax. 

For the best working lava lamps, the bulbs inside it minimum produce 4600 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. The LED bulbs hardly produce 2000 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature. An LED bulb almost uses 90% of its energy in producing light, and only 10% of the energy is used to produce heat. 

On the other hand, incandescent bulbs work oppositely to LED bulbs.  An incandescent bulb uses more energy in producing heat and only converts 5% of the energy into producing light. 

In short LED bulbs are not perfect for lava lamps as they do not produce enough heat that is crucial for melting the wax inside it.

How To Find Right Bulb According To The Lava Lamp Size 

After finding out what light bulbs size are best for lava lamps? Then another important factor is how to find the right size bulbs that are compatible with their size. 

The main cons behind not finding the right size lava lamp are that it can affect the working of the lava lamp. The wax will not melt and it hinders the flow. 

So if you want the replacement of a lava lamp bulb, like we do the lava lamp top replacement find out which size bulb has perfectly matched the size of a lava lamp. Generally, the lava lamps came in 4 different sizes. Let’s have look at every lamp designed by using different sizes of lava lamp bulbs. 

Full Size 27 Inches Lava Lamps

If you have a giant size 27 inches lava lamp, then it will only work fine with a lava lamp bulb 100w. It is obvious that the amount of lava also increases with the increase in lamp height. An increase in the lava means more heat is needed to heat it up and melt the wax inside it. 

16.3 inches To 17 Inches Lava Lamps 

After 27 inches of lava lamps, here come the lava lamps that lie between 16.3 inches the 17 inches. The lava lamp of these heights works fine with a lava lamp 40 watt bulb. 

11.5 Inches Lava Lamps 

For a lava lamp of a height of 11.5 inches, 15 watts lava lamp bulbs are the perfect option. Some people do the mistake of using 25w lava lamp bulb in 11 inches lava lamps. Ultimately they are doing wrong with this magical device. 

Crucial Things To Know When Buying Lava Lamp Bulbs 

The next step after knowing what light bulbs are best for lava lamps and the right side of the bulb for your lamp, is now it is time to have a look at the things you might notice while selecting the bulb for the lamp. 

Wattage Of The Bulb 

The most important thing to consider while buying a lava lamp bulb is the wattage r the size of the bulb. The wattage of the bulb will determine how much energy will produce. 

If you do not take this thing seriously then there highly chance you will pick the bulb that produces excess heat and break the wax into pieces. 

Furthermore, if you do not know which size of the bulb is good for the lamp, then you may pick the bulb that does not produce enough heat to melt the wax. Ultimately lava will not flow flawlessly. 

So it is recommended to know the right size of the bulb according to the height of the lamp before buying the bulb. 

Size Of The Lava Lamp Bulb

The size of the bulb is also a crucial consideration when buying a bulb for your lamp. The small size bulb is good for the larger globe of the bulb. On the other hand, the larger bulb will fit in the smaller globe of the lamp. 

Shape Of Lava Lamp Bulb 

Generally, the bulbs come in two different shapes, round and candle-like. So select according to the shape of your lava lamp. 

Quality Of The Lava Lamp Bulb 

Always pick a high-quality lava lamp bulb for your lamp. The reason is, the life span of high qualit lamp is more than compared of a low-quality lamp. The low-quality lamp sometimes may explode. 

Price Of The Lava Lamp 

Last but not least, is the price of the bulb. Compared the different prices of the lamps at the market and pick the one that is according to your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: How long does lava lamp take to heat up? 

Answer: For the perfect flow of the lava, the lava lamp takes almost one hour to one and half hours in heating. Some people might want to know how long for a lava lamp to heat up that they are using for the first time. For the new lava lamps, the heating time is two to three hours. 

Question No 2: Can lava lamps overheat?

Answer: Definitely yes, lava laps become overheated when stay on for more than six t seven hours. 

Question No 3: How to replace the lava lamp light bulb?

Answer: Below are the few steps for the replacement of the lava lamp bulb

  • Unplug the lamp first 
  • Leave it for cooling 
  • Remove the glob of the lamp 
  • Unscrew the expired bulb 
  • Screw the new bulb in place of the expired bulb. 

Question No 4: Can I use a dimmer bulb in my lava lamp?

Answer: It’s not recommended to use a dimmer bulb in your lava lamp as it can affect the performance of the lamp.

The heating mechanism of the lamp is designed to work with a specific wattage bulb to generate the necessary heat to create the lava flow effect. Using a dimmer bulb can cause the liquid inside the lamp to not heat up enough and affect the flow of the lava.

    Final Words 

    I am hoping I provide you with enough information about what light bulbs are best for lava lamps, so make sure to select the best one for your lamp. Sending you best wishes to find a perfect bulb for your lamp. 

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