Who Makes The Best Lava Lamps

Do you look for a gadget that provides an aesthetic look to your space and induces a peaceful vibe? So trust me you were longing for all white lava lamp

Now, this question will arise in your mind who makes the best lava lamps? That is perfect for your space without making it overcrowded. So no need to take stress I am here to help you to find the best lava lamp for your space. 

I have shortlisted the top lava lamp with their detailed description after thorough research. Furthermore, there are a few important things regarding lava lamps that its user should know about it. Let’s go through them first. 

Main Features of the Best Lava Lamps 

If you want to add ambient light to your room or onto your study desk then these lava lamps are not for you. On the other hand, adding peaceful and aesthetic vibes to an area with a lava lamp might help you. 

Below I am going to mention a few features that you should not neglect while you are looking for the best lava lamp. 

Who makes the best lava lamps


Typically lava lamps come in different sizes. Here the buyer has to think about the available space where he wants to put a lamp. Generally, the height of a lava lamp varies between 12 inches to 2 feet. 

So always pick a product according to vacant space. If you will choose according to space availability then the lava lamp will act as a perfect decoration piece with aesthetic visual effects. 


The second and most crucial thing is the color of the lava lamp. Here I would suggest you choose the one that will perfectly match your home interior. For instance, your home interior is like yellow whitish. 

In this case, you can go for a lamp whose color perfectly contrasts with your space interior. In this concern, a lava lamp with purplish and yellowish color would be a good choice. So make sure your selected lamp would enhance the beauty of the area. 


The third and very important thing is notice while selecting lava is to know about its material. Make sure the glob of the lamp should be made with high-quality plastic. On the other hand, you can also select a lamp whose body is made of fine glass. 

The reason is the lamps made with mentioned material have longer life as compared to ordinary lamps. Furthermore, the base and cap of the lamp should be made of steel or metal. Ultimately it will help to increase its durability. 

Top Option Who Makes the Best Lava Lamps

In my experience and choice, Graffiti lava lamp is the best brand that designs durable lava lamps. These lamps come in different shapes, sizes, and colors. Additionally, these lamps are designed with plastic bodies. Furthermore, the base is designed with metal. 

The good thing about these lamps comes in different sizes. So you can pick the one according to your space availability.  The steel base and metal cap make it durable and increase its life. Here is the answer to the question of who makes the best lava lamps.

Are Lava Lamps Expensive to Run? 

The very first thing that people know about before purchasing lava lamps is that these lamps utilize more energy to run. Or are these lamps expensive to run as compared to a typical lamp? 

who makes the best lava lamps

So let me tell you here these are all myths. 

Lava lamps utilize energy with respect to their size and models. A larger size lava lamp utilizes more energy than compared to smaller one. Furthermore, a buyer should buy a lamp according to the space available in their house. This is not wrong to say that lava lamps with higher wattage of bulbs consume more energy.

Are lava Lamps Hot to the Touch? 

Typical lamps get hot after their usage, as these are typically made from steel and other metals. We all knew both of these substances allow heat and electricity to pass through them. Ultimately this is the reason the lamps get hot. 

Now in the case of lava lamps, the body of these lamps is made with plastic or sometimes glass, so they do not get hot as much hot as compared to typical lamps after use. For a safety measure, it is recommended not to touch these lamps are their immediate use. 

Can Lava Lamps Go Bad? 

Yes, it is obvious that lava lamps go bad after their expiration date. Like every gadget, these lamps went out of order. Typically the life of lava lamps is approximately 2000 hours. After that, its vessel starts becoming cloudy. 

For those lamps that claim no expiration dates, their incandescent light will obviously burn out after some specific time. 

Are Lava Lamps Bad for the Environment?

Lava lamps do not cause any health hazards or are bad for the environment as long as you use them according to the instruction of the manufacturer. On a serious note, lava lamps are not sustainable with respect to the environment. 

As the lava lamp contains paraffin wax, and this paraffin wax comes from crude oil. We all knew that cured oil is a non-renewable source of energy. So we should utilize them efficiently. 

Difference Between Lava Lamps and Typical lamps

Before moving toward the features of the best lava lamp there is a major difference between the typical lamp and the lava lamp. Let’s learn this difference first. 

There is one main difference between these two lamps, and that is a typical lamp is still with no liquid. Furthermore, the lava lamp contains tinted liquid with paraffin wax within the lamp. The second minor difference is that the typical lamp’s body is designed with steel or metal. 

On the other hand, the body of lava lamps is designed with plastic or sometimes glass. The lava lamp’s wax tends to come up irregularly when gets hot.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: What are some of the best lava lamp brands on the market?

Answer: Some of the best lava lamp brands on the market include Lava Lite, Mathmos, and Schylling. These brands are known for their high-quality lamps, innovative designs, and reliable performance.

Question No 2: What should I consider when looking for the best lava lamp?

Answer: When looking for the best lava lamp, consider factors such as size, style, and quality. Choose a size that fits your space and meets your needs, such as a larger lamp for a living room or a smaller one for a bedroom. Consider the style of the lamp, such as its shape, color, and design, and choose one that matches your personal taste and decor. Finally, look for a high-quality lamp that is made by a reputable manufacturer and has good reviews from other users.

Question No 3: Are there any other factors to consider when choosing the best lava lamp?

Answer: Yes, in addition to size, style, and quality, you should also consider the type of liquid and wax used in the lamp. Some lamps use different types of wax or liquid, which can affect their performance and appearance.

You should also consider the type of bulb used in the lamp, as this can affect the lamp’s brightness and energy efficiency. Finally, consider the price of the lamp and your budget, as some lava lamps can be quite expensive.

Wrap Up 

There are a lot more brands that are now available in the market that make the best lava lamps. If you do research by taking these things into consideration mentioned above. There is a high chance that you will get the answer to the question of who makes the best lava lamps and the best lava lamps for your place at the same time. 

I hope this article will help you to find a perfect lava lamp that is compatible with your space. If you get any confusion while buying ask it in the comment section. 

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