how to fix a lava lamp that won't move

Are you noticing that your lava lamp is not flowing properly? You might be thinking that it happens due to shaking or overusing it. So let me tell you the lava lamp stopped flowing due to a lot more reasons. Here is the question arises how to fix a lava lamp that won’t move 

The solution for fixing lava lamp flow varies according to the type of error that happened with the lava lamp. For instance, if you have overused the lava lamp, then in this you must first know how long can you leave the lava lamp be on for. 

After that, you will solve the issue of the lava lamps. Anyhow, let’s come to our main topic how to fix a lava lamp that won’t move. In most cases, the lava lamp stop flowing due to the expiry date of the lava lamp bulb, and the displacement of the heating coil. 

Ultimately in this case you can easily restore the smooth flow again by replacing the cool lava lamp bulb. Furthermore, if the heating coil is displaced then you can simply try to adjust it in its proper place. 

In my case, these solutions were very effective in regulating the lava lamp this article, I am going to tell you about a few more solutions that will help you get the answer to how to fix a lava lamp that won’t move. 

In case none of the below-mentioned solutions solve the issue then you have to replace the content present inside it. 

How to Fix a Lava Lamp that Won’t move- Tips for Fixing Lava Lamp Not Flowing

Before going about how to fix a lava lamp that won’t move, it is crucial to know what are lava lamps made of and what’s in lava lamps. You might be thinking what is the relationship between how to fix a lava lamp and what is lava lamp made of? 

how to fix a lava lamp that won't move

So let main explain this condition, the fixation of errors becomes very easy when we properly know about the gadget we are going to fix. In the case of lava lamps, when a person knows how do lava lamps work, what in a lava lamp or what is the liquid in lava lamps?  

Then fixing all types of errors will be super easy for him. Furthermore, he does not need any assistance from a third person in this regard. I am saying this thing very confidently on the behalf of my experience. 

When you get enough information about the things I have mentioned above then follow the solutions for jumbo lava lamp flow. 

Turn Off The Lava Lamp 

If you notice that the lava lamp is not flowing properly then no need to shake it. Shaking a lava lamp is a reason behind cloudy lava lamps. The very first tip to restore the flow of the lava lamp again is to turn off it for a longer duration. 

It is recommended to keep it off for at least seven to eight hours. In this mentioned period, the wax will come to the dome shape again, and there is a high chance that the lava lamp start working properly. 

The main reason behind this problem with lava lamps is their overuse. The overusing of lava lamp make them very hot and ultimately their wax will break and hinder the smooth flow. That is why it is advised never to use lava lamps for more than seven to eight hours. The optimum limit for keeping the lava lamp on is ten hours. 

Examine The Bulb (Heating Source) of the Lava Lamp 

If the wax is taking too much time in melting, or lying flat at the bottom then, in this case, you have to check the bulb that uses as a heating source in the lava lamp. Check the lava lamp bulb’s expiry date. In most cases, the bulb got expired. 

In this case, it will not produce enough heat to melt the lava lamp wax ultimately acting as the main obstacle in the flow of the lava lamp. If the bulb has reached its expiry date then find a perfect replacement lava lamp bulb. 

Check The Coil Placement 

The third solution to the question of how to fix a lava lamp that won’t move is to check the placement of the coil. The coil is the part of the bulb that accelerate the heating process of a lava lamp. Sometimes this lava lamp bulb coil is displaced and will not allow a smooth flow.

Check The Surrounding Temperature 

last but not least check the lava lamp surrounding the temperate. The temperature around the lava lamp should not be too hot or too cold. The most important tip here is that the lava lamp should not be placed in direct sunlight, near any radiator, or on a Tv or computer.

The reason is sometimes a low-quality lava lamp may break due to overheating. The broken lava lamp may also cause damage to the things near it.  These are solutions for how to fix a lava lamp that won’t move. 

Replacement of Lava Lamp Liquid That Won’t Flow

If none of the above solutions work for fixing your lava lamp. Then no need to lose hope or disappoint, as here you have to replace its liquid. I am here to help you by telling you the easiest method for replacing lava lamp liquid.

how to fix a lava lamp that won't move

Fill the empathy and clean the lava lamp bottle with distilled water leaving a space of around three to five centimeters. Always use distilled water. Add around two to three drops of liquid dish wash in the water. 

Make a saline by using Epsom Salt, and add one to two teaspoons of this mixture in water. you have done with replacing the faulty lava lamp liquid. 

Final Words 

This was the whole discussion and all the possible solutions of how to fix a lava lamp that won’t move. In case the lava still does not flow properly after replacing its content. Unluckily it’s time to replace your old lava lamp with a new lava lamp. 

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