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Do you know that lava lamp bulb size varies from lamp to lamp? In the lava lamp replacement bulb procedure you have to find a bulb that matches the size of your lava lamp. Ultimately the user of a lava lamp has to pick a bulb from the wide variety of the lava lamp bulb. 

There are four options available for the light bulb for a lava lamp during its replacement of the lava lamp bulb. These bulbs vary with respect to their wattage. The lava lamp replacement bulbs are 15 watts, 25 watts, 40 watts, and 100 watts. 

The question here is which wattage bulb is used for which size of the lava lamp. If you are thinking the same then you do not need to take the pressure. In this article, I am going to guide my user that which bulb is the perfect lava lamp replacement bulb.

Let’s break the ice and start with the article. 

How to Pick a Perfect Lava Lamp Replacement bulb?

In this portion of the article, I will tell you about the lava lamp bulb size and how can you use these different size bulbs for different heights of a lava lamp. I am pretty sure this potion is going to be very beneficial for you during the lava lamp replacement bulb. 

lava lamp replacement bulb

15 watt Bulb for Lava Lamp 

The very smallest bulb that is available to use as a lava lamp bulb is the 15-watt bulb. This bulb uses less electricity as compared to any other bulb of lava light. A 15-watt lava lamp bulb is very effective to work with the 11.5 inches of a lava lamp. 

Here you might think that how can this little bulb produce the heat that can melt the wax inside the globe? Let me be clear here that the wax and liquid inside 11.5 inches of the bulb are less in quantity and can be heated up with a 15-watt lava lamp.

25 Watt lava Lamp Light Bulb 

Now I am going to discuss the lava lamp replacement bulb 25w. These bulbs utilize more electricity as compared to a 15-watt bulb. Furthermore, the bulb of this wattage is good to go with the lava lamp with a height of 14.5 inches. 

These bulbs can produce heat that is more than enough to melt the liquid and produce glowing light. A 15-watt lava lamp bulb will not be a good choice for 14.5 inches lava lamp. 

30 Watt Replacement Lava Lamp Bulb 

The third one is 30 watt bulb, these bulbs can be used in 16.3 inches of the lava lamp. On a very serious note, most lava lamp manufacturers use 40-watt lava lamp bulbs in the 16.3 inches lava lamp. 

The main problem that is observed while using a high-wattage bulb in the lava lamp is that overheating of the wax breaks the wax and ultimately it will not perform its task the way it should. 

40 Watt Lava Light Bulb 

The fourth type of bulb is a 40-watt lava lamp bulb, this replacement bulb for a lava lamp is specifically designed for the 17 inches lava lamp. My favorite lava lamp is 17 inches lava lamp. The reason is it comprises average space and is good to use in the bedroom. 

100 Watt Lights for Lava Lamp

Now moving towards the largest size lava lamp bulb. That is a 100-watt lava lamp. These lamps use more electricity than any other type of bulb used in the lamp. A 100-watt lava lamp bulb after being used for ten hours uses one kilowatt of electricity. 

A 100-watt lava lamp light is the best to pick for the 27 inches lava lamp. So always use a 100-watt lava lamp replacement bulb for 27 inches lava lamp. 

Step Wise Guide for the Replacement of Lava Lamp Bulb 

If you are using a lava lamp for a longer duration, then I am sure you must have an idea that you have to replace the bulb inside the globe after using it for approximately a thousand to fifteen hours. 

lava lamp replacement bulb

The working life of a lava lamp is a thousand to fifteen hundred hours. After the mentioned period you have to find a perfect size lava lamp replacement bulb for your lamp. For making this thing easy below I am mentioning step to step guide for the replacement of lava lamp bulbs. 

Turn off the Lava Lamp First 

Never try to replace a lava lamp bulb when the lava lamp is attached to the power supply. Because your life is more important than the lava lamp replacement bulb. 

Allow the Cooling of Lava Lamp 

After unplugging the lava lamp, allow the cooling of an incandescent bulb. We all knew that the incandescent bulb produces more heat than any other type of bulb. 

Remove the Globe 

Now remove the globe from the base of the lava lamp. After removing place this glass globe in a safe place.

Unscrew the Old Lava Lamp Bulb

After a few times when the bulb becomes cool and easy to touch. Unscrew the old bulb in an anticlockwise direction. Now throw the bulb directly into the dustbin.

Tight the New Lava Lamp Bulb 

After disposing of the expired lava lamp bulb, tighten a new bulb with the base of the lava lamp bulb. Here the most important thing is not to need to over-tight the bulb. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: What type of lava lamp light bulb is used in lava lamps? 

Answer: Most lava lamps use incandescent lava lamp bulbs in them. The reason is these lamps use most of the electricity provided to them in producing heat. This heat helps in melting the wax inside it.

Question No 2: Is the replacement of lava lamp bulbs safe?

Answer: Yes! The lava lamp replacement bulb procedure is safe if you follow it attentively. 

Question No 3: What type of bulb do I need to replace my lava lamp bulb?

Answer: The type of bulb required for your lava lamp will depend on the specific model of the lamp. However, most lava lamps use either a 25-watt or a 40-watt incandescent bulb with a small screw base (E17). It’s important to ensure that you choose the correct wattage and base size to prevent damage to the lamp or bulb.

Question No 4: How do I replace the bulb in my lava lamp?

Answer: To replace the bulb in your lava lamp, first, unplug the lamp and let it cool completely. Next, carefully remove the globe from the base of the lamp, taking care not to damage the delicate glass. Then, locate the bulb at the bottom of the globe and gently remove it from its socket.

Replace the bulb with a new one of the correct wattage and base size, and carefully reinsert the globe onto the base of the lamp.

Question No 5: How often do I need to replace the bulb in my lava lamp?

Answer: The lifespan of a lava lamp bulb can vary depending on factors such as usage time, bulb wattage, and operating conditions.

Generally, a bulb used for a lava lamp should last several months to a year with regular use. If you notice that the lamp is not functioning properly or the bulb has burned out, it’s time to replace it with a new one.

Final Words 

This how to do pick the best bulb as the lava lamp replacement bulb. After reading the whole discussion above you must get an idea of which wattage bulb you are going to use for your lamp. Follow the direction above for the replacement of the lava lamp bulb and do let me know in the comment section about your experience. 

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