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If you are a lava lamp user then you might think about which thing allows the proper flow of liquid inside the lava lamp. I am damn sure you have a question in your mind at least once a time in your life. The reason behind the proper flow of lava is the lava lamp bulb size. reverse image search

We all knew that lava lamps come up in different sizes. The quantity of lava inside the lava lamp also varies. Every lamp comprises different lava lamp bulb size. With the increase in the size of the lava lamps the lava lamp light bulb size also increases directly.

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Generally, there are four types of light bulbs for a lava lamp with respect to the size of the lava lamp. Let me give you a brief description of lava lamp light bulb sizes, these are 15 watts, 25 watts, 40 watts, and 100 watts.

Now the question is what size light bulb for lava lamp is best according to its height? So no worries, I am here to tell you the detailed answer to this question. After reading the description you will definitely get the answer. 

Let’s start the discussion by finding a perfect lava lamp bulb size according to its height. 

Lava Lamp Bulb Size- What Size Bulb for Lava Lamp

At this point, we all knew that four sizes of lava lamp bulbs are available these days because four variants of lava lamps are available with respect to their height. Now it’s time to learn the perfect size bulb for lava lamp. 

11.5 Inches Lava Lamp Sizes 

The smallest size of a lava lamp is 11.5 inches which comes with 15 watts bulbs. The replacement bulb for the lava lamp of 11.5 inches is 15 wattage incandescent bulb. Never try to use 25 watts lights for lava lamps in 11.5 inches lamps. 

The reason is higher wattage bulb may break the wax inside the liquid. Ultimately it makes the transparent liquid cloudy and awful.

14.5 Inches Lava Lamp 

The second type of lights for lava lamp is 25 wattage. A 25-wattage bulb is perfect to work for the lava lamp of 14.5 inches. This size of bulb and lava lamp work flawlessly for producing smooth flow. 

Furthermore, 25 watts of lava lamp bulb heat the liquid inside the 14.5 inches lava lamp for an hour or more than an hour. So you can enjoy its soothing ambiance in very less time. 

16.3 Inches Gigantic Lava Lamp 

For a lava lamp of this height, most lava lamp manufacturers use 30-wattage lava lamps. Most people prefer to buy the 17 inches lava lamp in place of 16.3 inches because these lamps provide flawless working at the price of 16.3 inches lava lamp.

17 Inches Best Lava Lamp 

If you ask about which is the best lava lamp among all these lamps? So my answer will be 17 inch lava lamps. This lava lamp will work with a lava lamp bulb of 40 watts. Here question that may arise in your mind is how much do lava lamp cost? More or less than 16.3 inches lava lamp?

The 17 inches lava lamp is available at the price of 16.3 inches lamp. It is clear that these lamps work more efficiently than 16.3 inches lava lamps. 

27 Inches Lava Lamp 

The lava lamp replacement bulb for 27 inches lava lamp is 100 watts. The 27 inches lava lamp is the tallest lava lamp that is available in the market now. For the tallest lava lamp, 100-watt lava lamp light is the perfect option. 

100-watt lava lamp light bulbs will take only an hour the melting the wax inside the liquid. 

Factors to Consider While Buying a Lava Lamp Bulb 

Here are a few factors to consider while buying a lava lamp bulb for lava lamp. In case you will not be considered these factors seriously then ultimately you will end up getting a bulb not suitable for your lamp. 

lava lamp bulb size

Lava Lamp Bulb Size 

The very first and most important thing is to notice which size of the bulb you need for your lamp. You will get a rough estimation of the size of the lava lamp bulbs from the availability of the space in the globe. 

The shape of the Lava Lamp Bulb

Generally, there are two types of bulbs available with respect to their shape. The first one is a round shape lava lamp. The second type is candle-like. The candle-like lava lamp bulb occupies less space as compared to a round-shaped lava lamp. 

The wattage of The Lava Lamp Bulb

The wattage of the lava lamp is another essential feature of the lava lamp bulb. Always select the right size lava lamp bulb for your lamp. Nothing is more satisfying than having a lava lamp bulb according to the size of the Lamp. 

Type of Lava Lamp Bulb 

There are three types of lava lamp bulbs that are used in lava lamps these days. These types are incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs, and LED bulbs. The most suitable type of bulb for lava lamps is an incandescent bulb. 

If you do not find a bulb according to the size of a lava lamp in the incandescent type of bulb. In this case, you can select a bulb from the halogen bulb series. I would not recommend my reader to use LED bulbs in the lava lamps.

What will Happen if You do Not Find the Right Lava Lamp Bulb Size for Lava Lamp Bulb

If you do not pick the right size bulb for your lava lamp then you will face the problems mentioned below. Read them carefully so can get an idea of the importance of finding the right size bulb for a lava lamp. 

lava lamp bulb size

Higher Wattage of Lava Lamp Bulb

Most people have a misconception that using high-wattage lava lamp bulbs will lessen the heat-up time. Unfortunately, they all are wrong. The consequence of using high-wattage lamp bulbs provide more heat than the required heat. 

The overheating of the lava causes the breakage of the wax. Ultimately the transparent liquid will not flow properly. 

Lower Wattage of Lava Lamp Bulb 

On the hand using a lower-wattage lava lamp bulb in the lava lamp hinder the proper melting of the wax. The wax remains frozen and sticks to the edges of the globe. The transparency of the liquid will decrease and its user cannot see what’s happening inside the globe. 

Frequently Asked Question 

Question No 1: How to replace the lava lamp bulb?

Answer: There is a very easy method to replace an expired lava lamp with the new perfect lava lamp bulb size according to the size of your lamp. Below I am mentioning a few steps that will help you with easy replacement. 

  • Turn off the lava lamp first.
  • After a few minutes, when it came to room temperature, remove the globe from the base. 
  • Unscrew the bulb from the bulb base in the anti-clockwise direction. 
  • Tighten the new bulb in a clockwise direction 

Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: What size bulb do I need for my lava lamp?

Answer: The size of the bulb required for a lava lamp will depend on the specific model and manufacturer of the lamp. Before purchasing a replacement bulb, you should consult the lamp’s user manual or contact the manufacturer to determine the correct bulb size.

Question No 2: Can I use a different size bulb in my lava lamp?

Answer: No, it is important to use the correct size bulb for your lava lamp. Using a bulb that is too small or too large can cause issues such as overheating, malfunction, or even explosion. Always ensure that you are using the correct size bulb as specified by the manufacturer.

Question No 3: Where can I find information on the correct bulb size for my lava lamp?

Answer: The correct bulb size for your lava lamp can usually be found in the lamp’s user manual or on the manufacturer’s website.

If you are unsure about the correct size, you can also contact the manufacturer or consult with a reputable retailer that specializes in lava lamps and their accessories. Be sure to have the model number of your lava lamp on hand when seeking information about the correct bulb size.

Final Words 

From the above discussion, you will definitely get an idea of which lava lamp bulb size is good for your lamp. If you are still confused at some point then feel free to ask in the comment section. 

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