Lava Lamp 17 inch

Lava lamps are a unique and hypnotizing addition to any room. They come in different shapes and designs.These lamps provide a retro lava lamp effect if we use the right blub. So Which bulb is suitable for a lava lamp 17 inch? reverse image search

In this article, we’ll look at the various options and advise on picking the best bulb to produce the mesmerizing liquid flow and color for which lava lamps are famous.

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Using the wrong type of light can cause the lamp to overheat, break, or even start a fire. But by choosing the right bulb, you can improve the look and function of your lava lamp and ensure it is safe.

Why Choosing the Right Bulb Is Essential

Lava lamps heat wax inside the lamp until it becomes liquid and rises to the top, making a flowing, mesmerizing effect. This needs a bulb that can produce enough heat to melt the wax but not so much that it overheats the lamp.

Lava Lamp 17 inch

The amount of heat produced by different bulbs is measured in watts. If you use the right bulb type, the flow will be better, the melted wax will be too thin or thick, or the lamp itself could be damaged.

Things To Consider When Choosing a Lava Lamp Bulb

Lava Lamp Light Bulbs come in various sizes, shapes, and wattages. How do you select one for your lamp? Here are some things to consider. 

Size of lamp and watts of bulb

The amount of wattage your lava lamp requires depends depend on its size. How much heat the bulb makes depends on how many watts it has. The lava lamp’s wax may break if the bulb is too hot, and the lava will not flow properly if the bulb is too cool.

Although the wattage varies depending on the size of the lava lamp, most use a 25-watt bulb. And for the 17-inch lava lamp, we will use a 40-watt bulb.

Size Of The Bulb

The size of the bulb is also important to think about. It would be best to have a light bulb that would fit your lamp. You can’t put a small bulb in a big lamp or a big bulb in a small lamp. Ensure to look at the size of your lava lamp and find a light bulb that will fit it.

Shape Of The Bulb

The light bulb’s shape should be considered as well. The light bulbs used in lava lamps are typically either circular or candle-shaped. To ensure that you choose the appropriate light bulb for your lava lamp, be careful to verify the shape of the bulb. 

Quality Of The Bulb

Only save money by purchasing a high-quality bulb. A better quality light bulb will last longer and make better light and lava effect. You can be confident you’re getting an excellent bulb because Lava Lamps exclusively sells high-quality light bulbs.

Cost Of The Bulb

How much the bulb will cost you should consider that. You must pick a lava lamp light bulb that fits your budget because they are not inexpensive. Please choose the best brand for you by comparing their prices.

Different Bulb Types

Lava lamp comes in different size, shapes, and designs, and each light needs a specific size. Some bulb types with different sizes are mentioned below.

Lava Lamp 17 inch

100-watt light bulb lava lamp by STAR LIGHTING

The type R20 medium base, 3.55″ length, and 2.5″ diameter of the 100-watt light bulb from STAR Lighting make it a perfect fit for 27″ lava lamps.

40-watt light bulb for 16.3″ to 17″ lava lamps

The 40-watt light bulbs from the Haraqi Store fit standard-sized lava lamps perfectly and do an excellent job of heating the wax inside the chamber.

Lava lamps 11.5″ with a 15-watt bulb

 The Lava 15-watt light bulb can quickly heat the wax within a smaller 11.5-inch lava lamp.So What type of bulb is best for a 17-inch Lava Lamp? It is advised to use a 40-watt lava lamp light bulb for lava lamps between 16.3″ and 17″, while a 15-watt light bulb works well for 11.5″ or more minor lamps.

Common Mistakes while choosing a 17-inch lava lamp bulb

Using a bulb with the incorrect base size is a common mistake. Lava lamps usually need bulbs with a medium E26 base, but some people may use bulbs with a different size or type of base.

As a result, the lamp may sustain damage or even break since the bulb cannot fit into the lamp securely.

Many people think any incandescent bulb will work in their lava lamp, but different lights can give off different colors or temperatures of light. For instance, if you want the traditional orange-red glow of a lava lamp, pick a bulb that gives out warm, reddish light.

Lastly, you should avoid using bulbs with designs or coatings resembling decorations. Despite their appealing appearance, these might induce hot spots on the bulb, leading to overheating and lamp damage.

Maintenance Tips to Extend the Lifespan

Following these maintenance tips ensures that your 17-inch lava lamp bulb lasts longer and maintains its optimal performance.

  • Keep the lava lamp away from heat sources such as the sun.
  •  When the lamp is still hot, avoid moving it.
  • Before turning off the lamp, give it some time to cool down.
  • Avoid using water or cleaning agents while cleaning the lamp; use a soft, dry towel instead.
  • Regularly inspect the bulb’s wiring and connections for any damage symptoms.
  • Use a voltage regulator or surge protector to shield the lamp from power fluctuations.
  • When a bulb begins to flicker or dim, it may be time to change it because it is likely worn out.

Frequently Asked Questions

 Question No 1: What is the recommended wattage for a 17-inch Lava Lamp bulb?

Answer: The recommended wattage for a 17-inch Lava Lamp bulb is 25-40 watts. Staying within this recommended wattage is essential to avoid overheating or damaging the lamp.

Question No 2: Can I use an LED bulb in my lava Lamp 17 inch?

Answer: Using an LED bulb in a 17-inch Lava Lamp is not recommended because the heat generated by the bulb is an essential component of the lamp’s operation. LED bulbs don’t emit enough heat to heat the wax and adequately create the lava lamp effect.

Question No 3: What is the difference between apparent and frosted bulbs for a Lava Lamp 17 inch?

Answer: The difference between apparent and frosted bulbs for a 17-inch Lava Lamp is mainly aesthetic. A clear bulb will produce a brighter, more vivid color display, while a frosted bulb will produce a softer, more diffused color display.

Question No 4: How often should I replace the bulb in my 17-inch Lava Lamp?

Answer: The lifespan of a Lava Lamp bulb can change depending on usage, but it is recommended to replace the bulb every 2-3 months for optimal performance. If you notice any dimming or flickering of the bulb, it may be time for a replacement.

Question No 5: Can I use a different bulb brand for my 17-inch Lava Lamp?

Answer: Using the same brand and wattage of the bulb is recommended as the original bulb that came with your 17-inch Lava Lamp. Using a different brand or wattage may damage the lamp’s performance.

Question No 6: How to choose bulb from walmart?

Answer: To choose the right lava lamp bulb from Walmart, you should first check the wattage and voltage requirements of your specific lamp model. 

Then, look for a bulb with a similar wattage and voltage that is compatible with your lamp base. Finally, consider purchasing a bulb with a longer lifespan to avoid frequent replacements.

 Final Words

The right bulb greatly affects how well the lamp works overall. It’s not just about how bright the light is or how many watts it has; it’s also about the type of bulb that can make the lava inside move and flow just right.

A Lava Lamp 17 inch can be a fun and unique addition to any room, but choosing the correct bulb is essential to get the most out of it. With some consideration, you can find the right bulb for your lava lamp and spend hours watching its mesmerizing flow.

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