Lava Lamp bulb from Walmart

Lava lamps are an excellent way to bring a personal touch and flair to any space. But this magic can only work with the correct bulb fit inside. Walmart has a variety of bulbs available. So, How to choose the right lava lamp bulb from walmart? reverse image search

In this article, we’ll explore different types of lava lamp bulbs available at Walmart and provide some essential tips for selecting the right one for your lamp.

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Some factors should be considered while choosing a bulb for your lava lamp. Ensuring the bulb has the correct wattage for your light is the most critical consideration. If you select a bulb with the wrong wattage, your light may malfunction.

The Importance of Choosing the Right Lava Lamp Bulb from Walmart

The correct lava lamp bulb must be used if you want your lamp to perform at its best and create the desired effect. Moreover, the type of bulb you choose might affect the lamp’s color and brightness, which could impact the room’s overall vibe.


Based on the size and design of the lamp, lava lamps often require a specific wattage range, typically 25 to 40 watts. Always check the label for the recommended wattage range before choosing the correct bulb.

Color and brightness

Some lava lamp owners prefer clear or frosted bulbs for a more traditional appearance, while others prefer colored bulbs to set a specific tone or atmosphere in their room.

Also, the bulb’s brightness might affect the lamp’s overall aesthetic, so selecting a bulb that offers the appropriate brightness level for your requirements is critical.


Several lava lamp bulbs are available for you to pick from, including clear, frosted, and colored alternatives. Some bulbs are available in packs of two or three, allowing you always to have a spare.

Understanding the Different Types of Lava Lamp Bulbs

Choosing the perfect bulb for your lava lamp can be easier by being aware of the characteristics and benefits of each variety.

Lava Lamp bulb from Walmart

Incandescent Bulbs

These bulbs in lava lamps produce a warm, mellow glow and are incandescent. The most popular bulbs for lava lamps come in various wattages, often ranging from 25 to 40 watts. They offer the heat to melt the wax and produce the lava lamp look.

Halogen bulbs

Compared to incandescent bulbs, halogen bulbs use less energy while offering the same degree of brightness. They produce less heat than standard incandescent bulbs, reducing the risk of your lava lamp overheating and extending its lifespan.

It is possible that they won’t work with your lava lamp, so verify the manufacturer’s guidelines before making a purchase.

LED Bulbs

The most cost-effective and durable alternative for lava lamp bulbs is LED lighting. They are the most energy-efficient option and can be used for up to 50,000 hours, making them a long-term cost-efficient choice.

Overheating is another problem that can be avoided with LED bulbs, making them ideal for lava lamps. Before purchasing, check the manufacturer’s criteria; not all lava lamps work with LED bulbs.

Colored Bulbs

Colored lights are a fun way to personalize your lava lamp and create a unique atmosphere. In addition to working with incandescent, halogen, or LED bulbs, they are available in various colors, including red, blue, green, and purple.

But it’s important to remember that colored lights may change how the wax and liquid in your lava lamp look, so it’s best to test them before you use them.

What to Look for When Buying Lava Lamp Bulbs at Walmart

Walmart has a wide selection of lava lamp bulbs, making it simple to choose the right match for your lamp. But it’s up to you what features you want in your bulb, so choose it wisely.

Bulb Type

Your choice of bulb can also affect how well your lava lamp works and how long it lasts. Traditional lava lamps usually use incandescent lights, but halogen and LED bulbs are becoming more popular because they are very energy efficient with longer life span.

If you wish to give your light a special touch, colored bulbs are also available. Walmart has a variety of lava lamp bulbs, so it’s essential to think about the different kinds and what makes them unique before buying one.


Make sure the bulb you select is compatible with your lava lamp. Check the manufacturer’s specs before purchasing because not all lamps are compatible with LED or halogen bulbs.

And carefully check the product descriptions as Walmart sells several lava lamp bulbs that work with most lava lamps.


Price is always essential when buying, and lava lamp bulbs are no exception. Walmart has a range of prices for lava lamp bulbs based on the wattage and type of bulb.

A reasonable option is usually an incandescent bulb, whereas LED lights cost more but have a longer lifespan. So, Before buying, you must consider your budget and the qualities you need. You have to always compromise on one thing price or quality.

How to Replace Your Lava Lamp Bulb

You can replace your lava lamp by following this step-by-step guide.

Lava Lamp bulb from Walmart
  • Your lava lamp should be switched off and unplugged.
  • Give the lamp at least an hour to cool.
  • Remove the previous bulb from the socket by carefully grabbing it and turning it anticlockwise.
  • Make sure the socket is clear of debris and clean.
  • Place the replacement bulb in the socket.
  • To install the replacement bulb securely, turn it clockwise.
  • To test the new bulb, plug in the lava lamp and turn it on.
  • Put the old bulb in a sealed bag, then properly dispose of it by bringing it to a recycling site or a domestic hazardous waste facility.

 Top Lava Lamp Bulbs Available at Walmart

As Walmart has a massive range of lava lamps, sometimes it becomes challenging to find the correct bulb. Before you ask How to choose the right lava lamp bulb from Walmart? I am providing a review of top lava lamp bulbs. 

Philips 40W A15 Incandescent Clear Light Bulb

This incandescent bulb is a solid and affordable choice for lava lamps. Its warm, delicate glow is ideal for setting a soothing mood. The 40-watt bulb has a long lifespan and works with most lava lamps.

GE Lighting 25W A15 Appliance Clear Light Bulb

This 25-watt incandescent bulb is another excellent choice for lava lamps. It offers a cosy, soothing light ideal for establishing a comfortable environment.

Since it is made for home appliances, the bulb works with most lava lamps. It’s a fantastic choice for decorative fixtures because of its compact size and clear glass.

Satco S3166 40W A15 Medium Base Clear Incandescent Bulb

The Satco S3166 40W A15 Medium Base Clear Incandescent Bulb is a premium option for lava lamps. Its warm, gentle radiance establishes a tranquil, peaceful atmosphere.

It has a clear finish and fits a Medium (E26) base. It may be used for typically 2500 hours before needing to be replaced. This item is available in multiples of 50. It includes the typical manufacturer’s guarantee.

Tips for Maintaining Your Lava Lamp Bulb

  • Use the proper wattage.
  • Carefully handle the lightbulb.
  • Don’t touch the bulb with your bare hands; keep the lamp and bulb clean.
  • When not in use, turn off the lamp.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Question No 1: What wattage bulb should I use for my lava lamp?

Answer: Check the instructions for the particular lava lamp you have provided by the manufacturer. The majority of lava lamps use 15–40 watt bulbs.

Question No 2:Any bulb will work in my lava lamp, right?

Answer: No, choosing the appropriate bulb type for your lava lamp is crucial. Although some lava lamps may use halogen or LED bulbs, most require incandescent bulbs.

Question No 3:Are lava lamp bulbs available at Walmart?

Answer: Yes, in-person and online, you can get lava lamp bulbs at walmart.

Question No 4:How frequently should I change the bulb in my lava lamp?

Answer: A lava lamp bulb’s lifespan can change. However, it usually lasts from a few months to a year. When the light stops working correctly, or the bulb burns out, replace it.

Question No 5:Can I purchase bulk lava lamp bulbs at Walmart?

Answer: For convenience and financial savings, Walmart sells multi-packs of lava lamp bulbs online and in-store.

Question No 6: What are the important parts of lava lamps?

Answer: The important parts of a lava lamp are the glass globe, liquid, wax, heating element, and the base. 

The glass globe is where the liquid and wax mixture resides, the heating element heats the wax to create movement, and the base houses the electrical components that power the lamp.

Final Words

Walmart has many lava lamp bulbs, including popular choices like incandescent and halogen bulbs. Selecting the suitable wattage and bulb type is critical to ensure optimum performance and avoid potential damage to your lamp.

By caring for your lava lamp bulb and not using high-wattage lights, you can make it last longer and continue to enjoy its calming and hypnotic effect for many years. So, whether you shop online or from the store, Walmart is a great place to find the correct bulb for your lava lamp.

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