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If someone asks about the most integral part of a lava lamp then it definitely will be a lava lamp bulb. A lava lamp bulb is no doubt the most crucial part of any type of lamp whether it’s a simple lamp or a lava lamp. reverse image search

In the case of a lava lamp, lava lamps light bulbs are not used only as a light source. At the same time, lava lamp bulbs also use as a heating source for the lava lamp. So having authentic information regarding lava lamp light as a user of lava lamp is so crucial. 

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Ultimately keeping this point in mind, I include all the authentic and useful information regarding lava lamp bulbs in this guide. The most important, parts of lava light bulbs, the types of bulbs for lava lamp.  

Before moving towards the types of lights for lava lamps, let’s have a look at a brief description of parts of lava lamp light. 

Parts of Lava Lamp Bulb

There are three main parts of a lava lamp bulb. The first one is the body of or the globe of the lava lamp light bulbs. The globe is made of glass, which is strong to bear the pressure exerted on it due to the heat. 

The second thing is the filament of the rick and Morty lava lamp bulb. The filament is mostly a tungsten bulb. This filament has a tendency to bear high pressure and temperature without melting. The third part is the base of a lava lamp bulb. 

The base of the lava lamp bulb is designed using metals and silver. The metal-based lava lamp bulb is less durable compared to silver-based lava lamps. So I recommend you pick a sliver based lava lamp bulb as the replacement lava lamp bulb. 

The globe of the lava lamp bulb contains a mixture of inert gas like argon, neon, and halogen. The filling of the bulb helps to maintain the temperature inside the bulb. 

That is all about the parts of the lava lamp light bulb. I want all of you should have an idea about the working of a lava lamp bulb. This information definitely help you out while a replacement bulb for the lava lamp. 

Working of a Lava Lamp Bulb

A lava lamp bulb works the same as an ordinary bulb. When the bulb is connected to a power supply, the current flow up through the wires and filament of the bulb.

The wires and base are designed by using conductor material. Ultimately the current will flow easily in the bulb. The lava lamp light bulb produce light of different wavelength. 

Types of Lava Lamp Bulb 

I hope after reading the above content you will get an idea about the parts and working of the lava lamp. Now I am going to tell you about the types of bulbs that are used in lava lamps. Knowing the types of bulbs used in lava lamps will help in the replacement bulb for lava lamp. 

Start with the incandescent bulb. 

lava lamp bulb

Incandescent Bulb 

The incandescent bulb is the type of bulb that works on the principle of incandescence. The incandescent is the process by which the light start emitting due to the heating of filament. They are available in a different range of voltage, wattage, and sizes. 

The bulb contains a glass globe with a tungsten filament. When the electric current pass through the filament, it starts producing heat and light at the same time. The glass comprises a mixture of inert gas. 

The gas inside the glass body protects the filament from melting or evaporating. That is why an incandescent bulb is more suitable than any other bulb. 

The main parts of an incandescent bulb are a glass globe, inert gas, tungsten filament, contact wire, base contact wire, screw thread, and insulation wire. 

Halogen Bulb 

Another replacement bulb for lava lamp is a halogen bulb. It is also known as a tungsten halogen and halogen light bulb. A halogen bulb is a little bit different from an incandescent bulb. The difference is in their filling. 

The filling of the halogen bulb contains halogen gas and some other inert gas. These gases are iodine and bromine. The second thing is the tungsten filament. The main property of the tungsten material is that it can bear high pressure and temperature without melting. 

Furthermore, the halogen bulb is more energy efficient than the incandescent bulb. Meanwhile, let me be clear that halogen bulbs produce less heat as compared to a halogen bulbs. 

LED Lava Lamps Bulbs 

The third type is the LED bulb. These bulbs are more energy efficient as compared to any other bulb of lava lamps. The min con of LED lights is that they produce more light and less heat. That is why they do not consider a good replacement for lava lamp bulbs. 

The heat produced by these lamps is not enough to melt the wax inside the lava lamp globe. Ultimately the wax remains frozen. 

Things to Consider While Buying a Lava Lamp Bulb

In this portion, I am going to write about the most crucial parts of the bulbs that you must notice while buying a lava lamp bulb. 

lava lamp bulb


The most important thing to notice is the wattage of the bulb, the wattage of any bulb will determine how much energy it will utilize while working. Here the main important thing for the bulb is to notice you should have a bulb of wattage that is compatible with the size of your lava lamp. 

Never make any compromise on knowing the wattage of the bulb before picking the lava lamp bulb. 

Type of the Bulb 

The second thing is to know which type of bulb you are going to buy for the lamp. Incandescent bulb, halogen bulb, or LED bulb. In my choice, an incandescent bulb is the most suitable for the lava lamp. 

If you do not find out your desired bulb in an incandescent bulb, then you can also select from the halogen bulb. 

The base of the Lava Lamp Bulb 

Two variants of the lava lamp bulb are available with respect to its base and material. One type is the base designed using metal and the second one is the silver-base lava lamp. The sliver base lava lamp comprises a longer life than a metal base lava lamp. 

The shape of The Lava Lamp Bulb 

Always picks a lava lamp bulb according to the availability of the space in the globe. Generally, two types of bulbs are available according to their shape. The first is round in shape and the second is candle-like. The candle-like bulb occupies less space as compared to round shaped bulb.

Finding a Right Size Bulb with Respect to the Height of Lava Lamp

Below is a brief guide to finding out which wattage bulb will suit your lava lamp according to its height. 

  • 15 Watt bulb is designed for 11.5 inches lava lamp 
  • 25 watt lava bulb is good for a lava lamp of height 14.5 inches
  • 40 watt lava lamp bulb is perfect to work with 17 inches lava lamp 
  • 100 watt lava lamp bulb is good for 27 inches lava lamp

Frequently Asked Questions

Question no 1: What are the parts of a lava lamp bulb?

Answer: The parts of a lava lamp bulb are similar to those of a standard incandescent bulb. The bulb includes a glass envelope, a filament, a base, and electrical contacts. However, the shape of the bulb may be different from a standard bulb to fit the specific requirements of a lava lamp.

Question No 2:Can the filament in a lava lamp bulb be replaced?

Answer: No, the filament in a lava lamp bulb cannot be replaced. If the filament is damaged or broken, the entire bulb must be replaced.

Question No 3: What should I look for when purchasing a replacement bulb for my lava lamp?

Answer: When purchasing a replacement bulb for your lava lamp, be sure to check the wattage and shape of the bulb to ensure compatibility with your specific lamp model.

It is also important to purchase bulbs from reputable sources and to avoid using cheap or off-brand bulbs, as these may not meet safety standards and can pose a hazard. Finally, be sure to handle the bulb carefully to avoid damage to the delicate filament or glass envelope.

Final Words

That is all the discussion about the lava lamp bulb its parts, working, and structure. I try to convey the maximum information regarding the topic. If you want to know more let me know in the comment section. 

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