what bulb for lava lamp 40w or 25w

Do you want to replace the bulb of 14.5 inches lava lamp, but you are stuck at the point of what bulb for lava lamp 40w or 25w? If yes! Then no need to stress yourself, I am going to guide you through the whole process of finding the right size bulb for your lamp. 

I am pretty sure that after reading the blog you will easily find out what bulb for lava lamp 40w or 25w. Let me reveal that the lava lamp that is 14.5 inches taller used 25 wattage incandescent bulb. A 40-wattage bulb is best to use in a lamp with a height of 17 inches. 

Furthermore, there are a lot more lava lamps with different height are available in the market that uses different wattage lamps. In this guide, I will provide information regarding the bulb size according to the height of the lava lamp. 

The variation in the bulb wattage is due to the difference in the height of the lava lamp and the difference in the quantity of lava inside it. 

Finding a Right Size Lava Lamp Bulb for Lava Lamp-What Bulb for Lava Lamp 40w or 25w?

There is no doubt in this thing that a lava lamp is a soothing and anesthetic addition to any place. This thing is valid until a point when its user uses it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. 

Additionally choosing the right size lava lamp bulb for your lamp is also a favor that its user can do for its lamp. If the lava lamp bulb is replaced by a size that is not fit according to the size of the lamp, then the lava lamp will not work properly. 

what bulb for lava lamp 40w or 25w

For this reason, these questions might pop up what bulb for lava lamp 40w or 25w? Or what size bulb for lava lamp? For all the people who want to know the answers to these questions, below is the comprehensive guide on what size light for lava lamp. 

Read the instructions carefully so that you will find out what lava lamp bulb size is compatible with your lava lamp. 

15 Wattage Lava Lamp Bulb 

The 15 lava lamp bulb wattage is specifically designed for the lava lamp of 11.5 inches. The liquid inside the globe is less and this lava lamp light bulb size can easily heat up the lava. Ultimately there will be no trouble in the flow of lava inside the globe. 

25 Wattage Light Bulb for Lava Lamp 

25 watt lava lamp bulb produce more heat as compared to 15 wattage lava lamp bulbs. The heating coil inside the 25w bulb for the lava lamp is more strong than the coil used in the lava lamp 11.5 inches. 

14.5 inches of the lava lamp is perfectly suitable for a 25w s11 bulb. Never ever try to use 15 wattages of the bulb in 14.5 inches of the lamp.  

30 Watt Appliance Bulb 

Nowadays 30 watt appliance bulbs are used in the lava lamp of 16.3 inches in height. Some people use lava lamp 40 watt bulb with 16.3 inches of lava lamps. In my opinion, doing this might affect the flow of the wax. So it is better to use a 30-watt bulb in 16.3 inches high lava lamp. 

40 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb 

Moving towards a 40w lava lamp bulb that is designed to be installed in 17 inches lava lamp. The heat produced by a lava lamp bulb 40w is enough for melting the wax inside the globe of the lamp. 

100 Watt Lava Lamp Bulb 

The 100-watt vintage lava lamp bulb is specifically designed for the full-size 27 inches lava lamp. The liquid inside the globe of the lava lamp is more than every lamp. So the liquid required more heat as compared to any other lamp. 

I am expecting that you will get the answer to these questions what bulb for lava lamp 40w or 25w? And what size light bulb does a lava lamp take is clear now. 

Types of Bulbs Use in Lava Lamp 

After knowing what bulb wattage is used in a lava lamp, it is time to expand our knowledge by learning the types of bulbs used in lava lamps. 

what bulb for lava lamp 40w or 25w

Incandescent Bulb 

The incandescent bulb is widely used in lava lamps. The reason is that these bulbs are designed for producing more heat and less light. The soft light produced by the lava lamps provides beautiful aesthetics. 

Furthermore, the heat produced by the lava lamp bulb is enough to melt the wax inside the lamp. The filling inside the bulb is of inert gas. This filling protects the coil against high temperatures and from melting. 

Halogen Bulb 

The second type is the halogen bulb. Let me be clear here a halogen bulb is a type of incandescent bulb. The minor difference between the halogen bulb and the incandescent bulb is the filling type. 

The halogen bulb comes with a mixture of halogen, and bromine gas. Additionally, the halogen bulb produces less heat and more light. 

LED Bulb 

Very few lava lamps also use LED bulbs as a heating source. I want to clear this thing up here LED bulbs do not work best for lava lamps. Such bulbs do not produce sufficient heat that will help to melt the wax inside the globe.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Question No 1: Can I use a 25w instead of a 40w bulb? 

Answer: A 25 watt lava lamp bulb will not work efficiently in place of 40 watt bulb. The heat produced by a 24-watt bulb is less than a 40-watt bulb. Ultimately the wax will not melt properly and stick to the wall of the globe. 

Question No 2: What kind of bulb should I get for my lava lamp? 

Answer: Always choose an incandescent bulb of suitable size for your lava lamps. The incandescent bulbs work unmatchable with respect to any other type of bulb in lava lamps. 

Final Words 

Finally on the behalf of the above discussion what bulb for lava lamp 40w or 25w? You have found out that 25 wattage bulb is suitable for 14.5 inches lava lamp. On the other hand, 40 wattage bulb is perfect for 17 inches lava lamp. 

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